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Hello Hivers it's Monday 20th of march it's cold outside it's story time today

Once upon a time, there lived a big, menacing ape. and all the other animals in the land feared him even all the humans feared him too, as he was super big, strong, and mighty. The ape was not scared of anything or anyone. He was so big and powerful that no one dared to challenge him anyone who did challenge him was never seen again they were lost permanently. He would chop, dice, and mince them up and then feed them to his pack of greedy piggish pigs.

Ape Bull Master 1

One day, a bull named Brave decided to stand up to the ape and challenge him. The bull was ready to prove he was the strongest animal of all. One day brave charged at the ape with all his strength and might, but the ape was just too powerful and he was fast. The ape easily defeated the bull and kept the bull captive then he and that Bull became the best of friends but the ape was the boss.

Ape Bull Master 2

After many many other conflicts, all the other animals and humans around the world were so impressed by the ape's strength and might that they began to honor him like a god. They even built the ape a temple in his honor and made offerings to him every day the people anointed him The Ape Bull Master. The ape was so delighted with the name and the attention he continued to rule over the land with an iron fist and the help of his bull friend, brave the bravest bull to ever live.

He had many more battles he defeated them all, he had over one thousand, after that no one ever dared to challenge the ape again, and he remained the master of all bulls for many years. He is a symbol of strength and power.


Did you enjoy the story and are you a fan of our new Ape Bull Master NFTs?

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