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Hey Hive, Hello Art, Community! It's Friday, the 17th of march, and we've just added some terrific dogtastic new Shibas to our Angry Big Bad Shiba Inu's NFTs collection! At Bilpcoin, we work bloody hard every day to craft and push the boundaries of what's possible with NFTs, AI, and more. We know you're going to love these amazing dogtastic new additions - they're sure to blow your fucking mind no shitting! We're also working on some new amazing videos that will take blow your mind on YouTube Tiktok and Instagram Twitch. We are going to take the fucking world by storm so watch this bloody space, and get ready to be amazed and shocked at the same time. We are going to go viral! So come join us and help promote, buy, and comment on our awesome new NFTs! We can't wait to reveal to you what we've got in the stockpile!

Angry Big Bad Shiba Inu's 21

Angry Big Bad Shiba Inu's 22

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