Let's Talk About MAJOR ANIME SERIES~!!! [Season 4 of 6]

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What's up otaku(s)~!?
I'm back to continue this series of review for the anime MAJOR. This is the fourth part of the review and there'll be two more posts before I complete it. A couple nights ago, mama and I finished watching the two available seasons for Major 2nd and I am actually looking forward to writing something about them as well.

If you missed the previous parts of this series, check them out below.

The Story So Far... ^^

Goro finally got the chance to play against Kaido despite all the struggles he and his new team faced. Although he wasn't able to participate in Koshien, he was able to prove how fun and amazing it is to play baseball. Being able to put it all the passion and effort into the sport was definitely worth it. As he graduated from high school, he decided to face an even bigger challenge... to go to the place where baseball was born!

Let's now start with the fourth season!!!

  • The Story


Somehow, it's pretty exciting to witness another step in our main character's baseball career. And this time, he's challenging himself at becoming a professional baseball player.

Since it's a new beginning for Goro, the story in this season is pretty amusing. However, I think there were some parts when it became a bit boring maybe because the story shifted to other side characters who are in entirely different setting.

In the end, all the stories added up as a preparation for what's to come in the fifth season. This season was basically a transition between a mere student who wants to become a pro and that student who is continually struggling and giving his all in the professional world of baseball.

  • The Characters


This season introduce a whole bunch of new characters and I'm not in any way complaining. I love the individuality of these characters and how they influence our main character, Goro, in a lot of ways.

Ginumacchi, the one beside him in the picture above, is another aspiring Japanese Major leaguer. I really like how he supported Goro from the very day he stepped in America. Our MC really found a real friend in him.


I definitely love this team. After several pleasant and unpleasant circumstances, Goro found his place in "Memphis Bats". I don't know why, but I truly love this team so much. They're all pretty different but they mesh well. There were few arguments here and there, but they were really each other's comrades.

Another thing, there were some Memphis Bats fans that I definitely admire and love from the bottom of my heart. They were really well-made characters that viewers are bound to love.


Why hello there, handsome!
Gibson Jr. is finally introduced in this season and this character place a really significant role in Goro's life... much like his father. And he's a freaking eye candy!

  • Art Style or Animation

The art style was pretty much the same as the previous seasons but the animation has been improving since the last season. It's not as cluttered as the first two seasons. What I like here are the minor details like facial expressions and perhaps the movements of the major leaguers. Somehow, you can clearly see the difference between America's baseball and Japan's small yet strategic type of baseball. I especially like the animation when Goro went against Gibson Jr. during the championship. Ugh! So awesome~~~

  • The Soundtrack


RISE by Ootomo Kouhei is definitely one of my favorite openings as well. I really like the huskiness and how passionate the song seems to be. Definitely my jam! I believe MAJOR series' soundtracks are gold! They're all so fun and catchy! I personally like Kokoroe (season 1's opening) and Rise (the one above) the best. <3


Goro might have reached the climax of his baseball career as a student, but he's still a baby in the professional world. His eagerness, stubbornness, passion make the viewers to continuously support his journey.

Major is really a wonderful anime and season four is the start of a new beginning. The bumpy ride continues. It's an enjoyable, entertaining and touching as it has always been!

Please look forward to reading my reviews for seasons five and six in the days to come! I hope you enjoyed this one, as well! I'll end this post here. Jaa ne~!!!! (^_^)/


I used to watch the classics (Naruto, etc.) in Japanese. Completely neglected that part of my life over time... :/ I should start watching anime again :) Nice article :)

It would be awesome if you do so... welcome back to the anime world and thanks for dropping by! 😎😊