Something is Lacking in the Anime "Twittering Birds Never Fly", But I Don't Know What It Is... [BL Anime Review]

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A few nights ago, I stumbled upon an anime page on Facebook which sometimes uploads anime films which are later on deleted due to copyright laws and stuff. lol They uploaded the anime called *** 囀る鳥は羽ばたかない (Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai)*** or "Twittering Birds Never Fly" in English. It's a BL anime released earlier this year and since its announcement, I have always been curious about it. I know that there's a manga version of it, but I didn't dare to read it yet as it's still ongoing.


Before its release, I remember talking with my fudanshi-senpai about it. He has read part of the manga and told me that the main character is a yakuza. In the BL world, yakuza are often paired up with policemen or detective. In this anime though, the main character is paired up with one of his new subordinates. Let me show you a trailer for it below.


The main character, Yashiro, is a young high-ranking yakuza boss. Aside from that, he's also the president of a front organization. He's good-looking, rich, almost perfect, but he's actually a hypersexual masochist. He just craves sex every effin' day and not just ordinary sex... he wants it rough.

One day, he had this new bodyguard named "Doumeki". He's an ex-cop and an ex-convict. He was indicted for assaulting his own father after he saw him molesting and raping his adopted sister. Because of what he saw, he became impotent and so, not being able to engage in any sexual act.


There's also this character who is Yashiro's childhood friend, Kageyama. He's a doctor, but because of his connection to Yashiro, he somehow became an underground doctor for Yashiro and his men. As far as I observed, Yashiro has an unrequited love towards Kageyama, but he knows it won't do him any good and would rather play with other men.

Kageyama is pretty similar to Doumeki, so Yashiro became quite attracted to him. He'd pleasure himself by using Doumeki despite Doumeki's impotence. What I don't understand is Yashiro's feelings. Sometimes I think, he's only using Doumeki, but other times, he treats him especially well that I'd think he's finally moved on from his unrequited love.

Seriously, I don't know what to think about this movie. It's not that I didn't enjoy it, but I strongly believe there are a lot of BL manga more worthy of having an anime series or film.

Is it because the manga/story is still ongoing that I can't seem to find answers to my questions? Will everything become clearer as the story progresses?

When it comes to BL Yakuza stories, I'd highly recommend ほんと野獣 Honto Yajuu or Like the Beast to be animated.


Another interesting Yakuza movie mmmm makes me think that maybe they should put out another sequel if this one was so unfinished. The plot pleases me especially the character with disorders with sexuality and the head of the gang to the clandestine doctor. I think that until suddenly it was a mistake to make the film, although I should investigate the number of volumes of the manga and figure out what is missing to finish the work because that way it leaves everything unfinished as it usually happens.

I liked the analysis of this film, maybe I would be encouraged to see it and we can share opinions, thanks for using the hashtag #hivecon.

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