I Finally Watched NARUTO, So I Decided to Write Down My Reaction Or Review Per Arc (Prologue & Land Of The Waves)

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I know, I'm late to watch Naruto... but I did watch some of its movies and I had been following the manga when it was still ongoing. I haven't started Boruto and don't really plan on watching it, but I miss good old Naruto, so why not watch? :)

Since I have read the manga, I already know what to expect though there are details that I may have forgotten since that was years ago. However, I noticed something when watching it... it's still as exciting and sometimes annoying as ever. The once sleeping feelings towards the stories and some characters had come back to me.

Well, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are long to just review in one or a couple times, so I decided to review it per arc. At the moment, I am still on the second arc (Chunin Exam), which I believe is pretty long. haha I might even cut it into half... or just patiently wait hoping that I won't miss anything to review. For now, let's start with the prologue and the land of the waves arc.

I'll be sharing some highlights and the parts that I like in this arc. :)

Graduation and Iruka-sensei <3


As you know, Naruto became an orphan the day he was born. It was the same day the Kyuubi attacked Konoha killing a lot of people, even his parents. Though his parents somehow sacrificed themselves for the village, leaving their son with the kyuubi sealed in him. It was both annoyingly tragic and heroic for me. To be honest, I wanted at least one of them alive to be with Naruto, but nope!

Luckily, Iruka-sensei was there for him. He also lost his parents when the kyuubi attacked that night, but he can totally relate to Naruto. Being alone and just wanting some attention from people. He became like a doting parent to him and I really love the time he and Naruto eat ramen together.

Meeting Naruto's First Disciple and "Rival"


Konohamaru is actually one of my favorites at the earlier chapters and episodes in Naruto. He's the third hokage's grandson, but because of that, nobody recognizes him as himself. Naruto was different though since he saw Konohamaru as he is, and that made the younger child admire him.

I really like it when they were both training "Sexy no Jutsu" and I just laugh every time Konohamaru creates his. lol He and Naruto together might be annoying at times, but they're oozing with good and positive vibes. Who knows, Konohamaru would also become a hokage someday?! :)

Team 7 Under Kakashi-sensei


I admit, I am a fan of Kakashi-sensei because he's so cool and mysterious despite being oddly foolish at times. Team 7 is really an interesting combination. The best student Sasuke, the most intelligent student Sakura and the worst student Naruto... interesting indeed.

Kakashi's way of evaluating these three was also very amusing. He might look unreliable, but somehow he's strict and unbiased. It's expected for these three main characters to pass the evaluation, but I just enjoyed how he handled the differences of his students. Yes, that was me in my teacher mode.

Haku and Zabuza in the Land of the Waves


Same impression as when I read about them in the manga... I really hope(d) they were given a chance to live happily together... and maybe alongside other good-hearted people. Their impression on me will forever stay because they're my favorite "villains" that deserved to live and be happy. I get so emotional thinking about these two.

I know Zabuza is a hired killer and is very ambitious and prideful, but deep inside, he has a gentle soul. And Haku, my precious cinnamon roll, deserved a better life. I mean, he just happened to be born from a clan feared by many, but it wasn't his fault. All his life, he dedicated to Zabuza. T_T It's just painful to watch Zabuza thank him for everything when he was already gone.

When Kakashi said that Zabuza might have a chance to be where Haku is going, I couldn't agree more with him. They both deserved so much better. Ahh~ I just love them so much. <3

Bonus: Chakra Training


It always amazes me to see Kakashi climbing a tree with crutches. hahaha ANyway, what I like the most in this training was when Naruto and Sasuke trained together and asked help from Sakura to understand the concept more. At least, at one point, Sakura was useful. XD I'm sorry to Sakura fans, but I don't find her useful most of the times... and it annoys me how she's always calling out Sasuke's name instead of helping. haha I mean, she's already annoying in the manga, but when I saw her in the anime, it was worse. lol

I'll end this first Naruto arc here and I'll see you next time when I'm done watching the other arcs. :)


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Man this takes me back. Patience is definitely rewarded with this anime. Enjoy. I also have zero interest in watching Boruto.

Hahaha... right? I just miss Naruto and everyone else, so it's about time to watch the anime version. haha

I dunno why, but I don't feel like reading/watching it.

Nice... I've got complete series of this. From young to adult including movies.

A must have series, I suppose? hehe

Do you want?

It's OK... I'll just stream on Netflix... Thanks... ^^

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