Weekly Featured Contents Week 05:- Edition 01:- Individual Growth

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Personal growth refers to an activity that helps to develop self-awareness to develop one's own potential and personal and relational skills and discover one's identity.

The aim is to improve the quality of life and contribute to the realization of individual dreams and aspirations.

Growing up as an individual is a lifelong process. Unfortunately, we do not always take the right path and we find ourselves in a situation where we feel distant from own selves and survive on our dreams, our aspirations, and the autopilot that stays away from our needs. In this fast-paced society, it is easy to stop being the hero of our lives and lose sight of our most personal aspirations.

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Weekly Featured Contents

Week 05:- Edition 01:-

Individual Growth

Tell us about your personal growth as a person. Comparing yourself today with how you were five to ten years ago. How far have you come? What are the steps you took to ensure your growth? Someone might learn from your story.

Change is a separate process

When we arrive at this place, it is time to change and reconnect with our own identities. Explore how our inner and outer worlds and how we relate to the people around us.

This transformation begins within us, because change is a separate and personal process, and no one can change us if we do not want to change. We need self-reflection to transform our lives, to be aware of our own abilities to achieve our goals, and to achieve positive and lasting change; that requires commitment, time, energy, and a clear and realistic strategy.

Are you in the place you want to be? The path to well-being and personal development involves achieving balance and harmony in our daily lives, both in ourselves and in our relationships with others. Therefore, to determine where we want to be and if we are satisfied with our lives, and what we can do to make improvements that do not satisfy us there, it is necessary to observe and identify is to make this change possible.

Mars is defined as "staying where it wants to be", and although it is not a constant but a dynamic thing that is built throughout life and can change at any time, it can become relatively stable if we have features with our interior and our own. Achieving a good relationship with and if we face ourselves in life and follow the path we have marked for ourselves.

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Comparing yourself today with how you were five to ten years ago.

How to change yourself?

  • You can arrange your life in a beautiful way if you want! Ask yourself! Where am I? What am I doing? Why am I giving the times like this! You have to think about this!

  • Arrange your life in a beautiful way! This beautiful world has been arranged as such! The way people are changing day after day! You set your goal! And always keep yourself happy! You will see your life will be happy one day!

As a young and ordinary person, I overcame many obstacles in my life. I have lived my life for five years. Today, only I and my family have known what kind of difficulties I had to face to get to where I am today. And I tried my best to make my family happy. If I didn't get anything from my family, I would think that my family was my worst enemy in the world. I didn't let the wishes come true but with the passage of time my intellect started to recognize myself, I started to recognize the people of the world, I started to recognize everyone around the family correctly, then I realized that family is really my last five years if I count the last five years. Expatriate life has been the most important time of my life for me. I can go, what can I do, what I have to do, I have so many questions running around in my head 24 hours a day, day and night, it seems like there is no one in the world as happy as me, when light is upset for any reason, In vain

If I calculate the success of five years, I will see what I have got. No one counts what I got in expatriate life. First of all, when there is a person in expatriate life, he has a thinking mind. If I had been sent abroad, maybe my thinking power and mental state would have been different but I was not happy in my life because I thought from my childhood that family is very bad but I did not know that family has prepared a lot for my future. As soon as I stood up, my family gave me gifts that I was never ready for. This beautiful life has been made more beautiful by my family and the people around me because of whom I am here today.

Okay, here I think it is important for me to say something. I am referring to the life of expatriates here again and again but I mention to you I say my expatriate life. I have been living in Malaysia for seven long years. This is my life. This is my present time. Career

In this short life, I have lost a lot and gained a lot, but the downside is that it is hard to be away from family and friends. People often forget how people can evaluate people. In fact, if you succeed in something, you will see that the people around you will talk about you with a lot of joy, which is good for you to hear, but in reality those people But he is not talking about you. He is talking about the success that you have achieved. He is talking about you. It is a matter of humanity. You never know when he might be happy to tell you something, but you have to assume that the person you are dealing with when you're sad is always negative. The man who thinks is talking to you to make you think positively because you are now a success. This is the human race.

But my main point was what I got and what I lost in five years, where I was in five years, where I came from. The loss of two equals in my life may not have been for me and the ones I got may or may not have been worthy of me

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What are the steps you took to ensure your growth?

But what can we do to transform our lives? What steps can we take to enable change towards well-being and self-satisfaction? Below you will find six keys that will allow you to transform your life in a positive way.

Self-awareness and self-awareness Since the growth of a person is a personal and personal process, the first step in transforming your life is knowing yourself. Self-knowledge means evaluating one's own values ​​and belief systems, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and being aware of one's own motivations and aspirations.

Spending some time figuring out what’s most important in your life, what you want to achieve in your life, what makes you happy, your dreams, or where you are in your life is the beginning of your transformation and your development. Private. This will help you get a more realistic view of who you are and where you want to go.

Challenge your limited faith and get out of your comfort zone
The comfort zone is a state of mind that does not allow personal development and a habit that can be detrimental to achieving higher satisfaction in the way of life. When you decide to move on and change your life, something stops you from moving forward and anxiety makes you dirty in a situation that is comfortable for you, putting your personal growth at risk. This is a very sensitive expense and an obstacle to continuing your transition to a better one.

Leaving the comfort zone means being afraid of uncertainty and believing in your own possibilities. But it is not always easy. When we are young, we are more likely to take risks, but as we get older we learn the fear of failure, which can lead to helplessness and even paralysis. In order to continue growing, we need to overcome the fear of failure and the limited faith that saves us from development.

Staying Open for Change Leaving the comfort zone requires limited faith change in empowering faith, because, many times, these limitations are determined by the mind.

If the limitations are determined by the mind, it means that the mind itself can help us to go further, to overcome the obstacles or barriers that may appear in our daily life. Being open to change and wanting to perform it is a prerequisite for initiating any conversion.

Having an action plan helps define self-knowledge objectives realistically and sets priorities. To achieve goals, however, we need to plan movements and determine ways to achieve the goals that we think are most important to us.

When you know what is important for your happiness and well-being, you must set short, medium, and long-term goals to take action. There is no point in wanting to convert if we do not change something. Now, keep in mind that goals can change, so you must be flexible. The key to achieving the transformation is step by step.

Take Responsibility and Leave Suffering Often many people do not take responsibility for the problems that affect them and find out the cause or blame others for their mistakes. Why is that with me? Why don't they know what I do? Or why the other person doesn't change? the prey is easier to play with and wait for things to separate.

However, responsibility (or as personal growth experts put it: "responsibility-ability"), understood as the ability to respond is essential in any change process. It's about empowerment, self-leadership, and how we respond to events happening around us, and it's important to transform our lives by "taking responsibility" in the face of change is one of the keys to personal development.

Attending a life coaching workshop is not easy to change or alter your life. Multiple skills and resources need to be learned to manage emotions, interpersonal relationships, self-discovery, and empowerment, which allows for sensitive balance and physical and mental well-being.

Lastly, I would like to say that life is very beautiful. If you want to make life beautiful, then love yourself, love someone who loves you more than him. Wisdom must be used properly. Wisdom must be carried forward with a clear conscience. It is a simple life. The simpler you make life, the easier life will be. You will not understand where life is ending. If you keep in your mind the reason why you are suffering from a small word from someone's mouth, then you will not be able to understand for yourself how much instability your life is starting to work. I hope you like some of the advice from my little knowledge

Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. I wish you all the best. Pray for me and try to present my words to you as much as I can. If so, be sure to apologize and leave your comments in my comment box where I made a mistake so that I can capture my mistakes and create a nice block based on this valuable feedback from you in the next blog.

Thank you all for your valuable time reading my blog


Being self-aware is something we don't talk about enough. Especially when it comes to chasing your goals and dreams. We must make sure that no matter what life throws at us we are willing to brace it and fight back. Because that is the only way that we can get to win.
In life the measure you give will definitely be the measure you receive, this is why we must always look at things with a positive view. We never know how that might affect every other thing we do.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Thank you so much for taking some time out of your important time to read my post and express your valuable feedback I am very glad to have received your valuable feedback

Life would be so much more beautiful and important if we could compare ourselves to human beings in everything we do in our lives. In fact, many things would happen in our lives if we were to suffer in our own minds. I can't move forward. There will be many obstacles in life. I have to overcome those obstacles and move forward for success in life. This is the name of life.

Self awareness is indeed very important to personal growth. And I love your talk on the self love too. Thanks for sharing...it is indeed a great write up.

Thank you so much for taking some time out of your precious time to express your opinion. I like it very much. Thank you for expressing your opinion in such a beautiful way.

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