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Most of the time when I am asked to say or write something I know why I can't find anything. I keep a lot of things in mind, but when I go to say nothing, I forget everything. So the words remain unspoken. This is my small attempt to record the unspoken words.

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At first, it seemed that what is the use of people writing blogs with so much effort? There is no other way to find the joy that people get by sharing the words of their minds when they think of various extraordinary writings and literary works. Since then I have been cherishing a latent desire to blog. But I will write that, what shall I write? How can a boy who has never been close to a story book write in his life? The boy does not know how to write. I know and read very little literature. And I had no inclination towards literature. One day in the middle of the test I thought I could write the words of my mind. I can write my life experience. I can share my dreams. There is no need for literature in this. So I created this blog to write my thoughts without any further thought. And since then the creation of this blog.

So if you look for literary works on my blog, you will not find a single particle of literature. But I have heard that literature is a kind of life philosophy of human beings. My blog is also a philosophy of my life. So on the one hand, this blog of mine can be called a literary work arranged with some messy words.


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Weekly Featured Contents

Week 04:- Edition 03:-

Blogging Experience

We all are bloggers, we do it regularly enough for us to bear the title. So tell us how the experience is for you so far. Do you blog with your phone or a PC? Do you write your words down first or do you type them directly? And how have you found blogging to be so far? Please tell us, we might learn from you.

The blogging world is so big here people try to present themselves beautifully, try their best to mention their talents in front of everyone, talk about people, and create their blogs when I start the first block but I can't even think. How do I get started? How do I do? What do I talk about? What do I talk about? How do I get more support? How do I get support from everyone? At one point I saw people's posts and noticed that people were more supportive of them because of what they were talking about, but I still could not understand them well. Getting started but I can't sort my own posts in the way they're getting support or the kind of posts that are getting nice in them and in front of everyone I couldn't present myself, I was having a lot of trouble, I didn't understand how to do it, but I continued

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Do you blog with your phone, or a PC?

Blogs can be created with both mobile and PC, but now it is said that a blog can be created based on which of the following words more than the one that will create the post, usually if I want to say it.

I usually create on PC because I think if I post on PC then I can present my words nicely and how to make the post beautifully my post will go in front of everyone and everyone will like it and if I create with mobile then my It seems that due to the small screen with mobile it does not look beautiful and there are various obstacles in how to arrange the post because it is not acceptable.

But the biggest thing is that when I'm busy when I see that I can't sit in front of the computer, I try to sort my blogs with my mobile, talking about different things, I put them in my Google Drive when I get home from work. I open the computer and then check if there is a computer and if it is correct then I will present it to you.

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Do you write your words down first or you type them directly?

When it comes to how you create a blog, you have to talk about different topics first. The most common thing in the world today is the use of technology. They are all using different devices to improve their work through technology Now let's talk about how I create blogs. Even 2 years ago when I was creating blogs, I used to create posts by typing on my mobile because I didn't have it then, I used my mobile all the time and whenever I had time I used to do a lot of typing with my mobile phone. It used to take a lot of time for me to visit but I didn't know any technology at that time because I didn't know how to go.

But now because I use technology I don't take much time anymore. I used to take 2 to 3 hours to make a preparation. Voice typing is a really great technology that I like a lot and I always use this technology to write when I read it now. It feels so much better and it doesn't hurt too much.

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how have you found blogging to be so far?

There are a lot of things to say about how I got to this stage, but in general, I mean how I came to this blog site is that I first came to this blog site from steemit. When I first came to TV because I didn't get results, I started working on different types but at different times I didn't get the results of that work properly I came to this stage today after trying slowly but trying to make some better posts and your I try to keep my own experience and quality of work as much as I can to present it. I know that there may be many kinds of mistakes in my work, but I am learning a lot from these mistakes in my work. If you find it, you must look at it with a look of forgiveness and in the future, if I am not wrong, the things that have gone wrong in your eyes, you must express your opinion in my comment box. This way I can keep myself away from such mistakes next time and arrange my posts nicely


When it comes to blogging, it actually takes a process to get to the place you dream of. But with time, we will all be able to achieve even that.
You take your time to make posts and that is hugely appreciated.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Thank you so much for sharing your valuable feedback with me

However, I always try to participate in this competition in a hurry and I can't provide all the information in time Hopefully in the next contest, I will provide all my information and try to make the post bigger by taking some time

Voice typing is an excellent technology,it relieves stress so much
Omg, the first day I tried it, I was very happy

Thank you very much for your valuable and important feedback

There was an entry who explains, record in local language, get the text and use translator. Definately gonna get it a try. Reading you made me crazy to try it xD