The passion derived from writing

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Writing have been part of me ever since I find the hive blockchain an awesome place to be and I have never regret deriving that passion of doing so.


I believe every individual in the blockchain have their history of how their writing or blogging habit started despite not having it as a hobby or part of living before. Writing is not an easy task to engage on especially when turning it to a daily activity or routine but can be easier when it's a hobby.

I am the type of person that don't like reading long article or novel before joining the hive blockchain and for me not to do so I also find writing as stressful to do especially when writing much words.

But the hive blockchain have really helped me in following that part of engaging in writing which have been very useful and helpful in doing so that I appreciate a lot anyday and anytime.

Writing is awesome which also is a way of learning when doing so because you will learn a lot of new things while you do so with a lot of experience as well. Writing is educative and it have really boost my ideology and mentality in learning especially improving in my writing and increasing my reading habit as well because both work together.

Ever since I found that rhythm of writing it have been part of me that I can regard it as a hobby now because if I don't write and publish a post a day is like missing an examination or a great opportunity to succeed.

I really blessed the day I joined the platform likewise appreciating everyone in the blockchain that have impact their knowledge and experience in making me grow positive which is amazing and a work well-done to appreciate.

The hive blockchain as we know is a blogging platform but have numerous of advantages and opportunites in seeing individuals gain a lot apart from earning which is really nice seeing a blockchain do so and with the contribution of everyone to see their fellow individual grow I believe the blockchain is definitely a nice place to be without regret and am grateful that have impact something positive in my life.


Writing is truly educational. I have learned so much about myself just from writing more. I didn’t know this would be an enjoyable hobby until joining the platform.

I want to say you’ve been doing a good job with engaging (I really appreciate your comments on my posts). Keep up the great work with that.

Now that writing has become a hobby for you, I challenge you to write longer engaging posts ;D

I will definitely do so because we learn and increase ideology everyday

It's interesting to hear how your writing abilities grew by the platform I guess this is also the case for majority of us here including myself. The platform has also contributed to our writing habbit. Great post buddy.

Yeah I appreciate the hive blockchain for the impact and opportunites they gave in making that ability come through

Me too on your behalf 😊


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Yeah... many people just took up blogging as a way to raise money, but as time went on, it grew on them and now they are great writers. It just goes to show that as long as there is will and determination, then it can be done.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

That's the true fact you just said and thanks for stopping by.