Moses Bliss: The Birth Of Hallelujah.

Hello Hivians,
This is my first post in this community and I hope am welcome.

During the 2019 endemic which is covid19 that hack the whole world and depopulate many countries something happened to me.

I was pregnant.

And my pregnancy was 6months before the outburst of this deadly virus.

It all started like a joke, whereby we were asked to stay at home for some weeks. Weeks became months.

Hospital rules were so tight. Everyone keep living in fear because many doctors were also dying.

Now, the doctors whom we suppose to run to for help are also dying. Which was sad. And this means, there is no place to run to.

Every time, I kept thinking.

What will happen if my labors come at midnight and I can't easily get help? How will I sort myself out?

Those were the questions that clouded my mind.

Everywhere is locked up. Everyone goes about with masks on their faces. No one is ready to help because this is a virus that is easily contacted. The world was scary.

There is a curfew out there. Nobody is entertaining visitors during the time of covid19.

This period was so tense as nobody was welcoming any relative or family member that just gotten back from abroad.

Are you worried about where I am heading?

During this period Churches were asked not to open which means no social gatherings.

In the market, all the traders are in rotation.

With my experience with giving birth to a baby. I know my labor is always with a doctor and midwives on duty.

Just imagine how I felt during this period when everywhere was so tight, and no hope of help.

As God will have it, I am a lover of gospel music. And I believe in God that he can do all things.


There was a release of this gospel song titled "YOU ARE TOO FAITHFUL" By Moses Bliss.

Moses Bliss is a gospel artist from Akwa-Ibom southern part of Nigeria.

This song was released in the year 2019 the same year this serious virus shook the whole world.

Considering the lyrics of the song, which spoke about the truth that God is faithful, my level of belief in Him rose.

I always use the lyrics of this song as my prayer point. I sing it every second, even in my dreams, I always sing this song.

There is a line in the song that I had to change to suit my condition.

The original says

You've proven yourself in my life and I've come to realize
That you are too faithful to fail me


But I will always sing it like this

You will prove yourself in my life and I will come to realize
That you are too faithful to fail me.

This is how I've been singing this song often and often.

For days, I sang this song countless times even in my dreams till I will woke up.

Lo and behold I gave birth in my bedroom to a baby girl on the 2nd of April 2020 with a little assistance from a girl who just started work as an auxiliary nurse.

I named the baby "HALLELUYAH" meaning Victory. And that was because, with everything happenings around me, I became victorious.

Moses Bliss became someone I respected and I am using this medium to pay tribute to him with my words.

Below is the music which was gotten from YouTube.

This is my response to the collaboration of @dreemport with the Hive Memorial Forest by @beeber on the topic of paying tribute to someone in history that contributed to someone's life.

The video used was gotten from #Youtube.


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Awesome job @julti1985! Keep pushing yourself and you'll reach your Hive goals before you know it.

I imagine it was very challenging not to be worried as a pregnant woman during the lockdown. I was also thinking about that... what can they do when they will urgently need help. I hope everything went well and so glad you could find relief and strength in music!!

I can't pen down all the worries during that lockdown.
If I have to put everything in writing I will write more than 20mins read.

I thank God, the labor only lasted for 30mins.
It was a miracle.

Thanks for your comment @mipiano

Wow, you are fast!

Is God ooo
Thank you

Ahhh. Moses Bliss is still a inspiration with his songs. And very much alive. Hehe. We thank God for him.

Thank you @deraaa

Wow...I love the faith you exercised if not, you may not have received this great testimony. Mosses bliss's songs are soul lifting..good thing that you keyed in to the lyrics with faith... congratulations to you and Ur princess ❤️

Thank you @nkemakonam89.
The secret is the power in the lyrics.

Thank you @nkemakonam89.
The secret is the power in the lyrics.

Wow, Thank God for save delivery, he indeed never fails with faith he always delivered, your story just inspired me.

Thanks so much @fredaig

Thank you for thanking me ☺️

Against all odds, we heard the voice of the mother and that of the child. God be praised.

God forever be praised.
Thank you

It must have been a terrifying time but I am so happy that Hallelujah, came out safe and sound and mother was equally alright. Moses' song served as a motivation for you and I'm glad you could share this with us.

It's a great miracle.
Thanks for stopping by @jhymi

Lo and behold I gave birth in my bedroom to a baby girl on the 2nd of April 2020 with a little assistance from a girl who just started work as an auxiliary nurse.

Oh mine! ain't you one brave bear, I am happy everything went smoothly and there was no complication of any kind.

When God is ready to do His work no delay.
Moses Bliss is still alive

Thanks for that correction

You must be a very strong women, giving birth at home is risky and it takes a lot of effort and grace from God to scape through. Thank God worked out eventually.

Pop in from #dreemport

I'd never taken such a risk before that was my first time.
And God came through for me.
Thanks for your comment @emrysjobber

You are welcome

May God be praised. What God cannot do, does not exist. He has a way of manuvering things for our good. I love the name you gave. I thought it meant Praise God. Now I appreciate it even more. Really, God is too faithful to fail me too, your reader. Hahaha

Am glad you stop by. Hallelujah means victory. God is always faithful.

This is lovely

Thank you

You are welcome