My first HIVE meet up in London

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My first HIVE meet up

Finally, today got to join and meet some cool People from the HIVE community. And it was an awesome afternoon. ❤ Can't wait to meet You again and everyone else that couldn't join us today. @adetorrent , @nathanmars , @steevc and Rosa (that will soon be joining us in here).


We got not only to talk a little bit about what is happening on the HIVE but also what we want to see happening in the future.

The conversations were very interesting. But also we got to know eachother a little bit more and that is always fun.

Can't wait to attend more meet ups in London and meet more of You that usually go. Hope to see You all very soon.


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Awww great to see you all together :)

It was nice

Nice photo!

Ehehe thanks. We had a great afternoon

That's really nice group! :)

Hopefully next time more of us can get together :)

I like the sound of Meet ups, the connectivity and flow of interaction makes revelation of a username to become life. We don't imagine who a user is anymore because now we can match the words in the article to a face and we read the words with the user's voice.

Hopeful the cities can be opened in Nigeria and we would have meet ups like this springing up.

hopefully soon you can guys start doing meet ups there :)

Fingers crossed

Nice photo of nice people doing nice things :)

ehehe I'll try to be there tontake nice photos from now on eheh

Look at you blokes all meeting up and building that strong sense community.

Together we are stronger

Wow. That's amazing. Hope to have one here too soon.

let's hope everything gets better everywhere...soon.

That's the positive spirit. Greetings from Ilorin. Nigeria

Nice! I've never been part of a meetup but I'm sure there is lots of fun! :)

One day :)

maybe you have to organise one :)

I don't really have this opportunity in my country as there are very few on the blockchain and most of them are living in different cities, too far away from me :/

ooh looks like it was a fun meetup!

it was a fun one

Thank you so much for making it happen bro.

Let’s keep it going every Sunday.

The more Hive-up around every corner of the earth 🌎 is our goal

We all did it.

It looks like you all had a great time 👍

it was amazing indeed

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Yeah I know. Since the old TSU times until today eheheh :) but it was very nice to meet You finally and hopefully we will get to meet more often and work in some stuff together. :) some cool action photos of you cycling eheheh

Not sure anyone needs to see an old bloke puffing along on a bike :) It was fun yesterday. These meetups tend to be intense, but rewarding. Hope to have more soon.