The life of coldest places

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Have you ever seen people living in the coldest place in the world?

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Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Money Wallet Today's episode is a little bigger than their country this winter Oimiakon Russia Siberia Oimiakon is said to be the coldest village in the world. The village is so cold in winter. The temperature in this place is usually about three times colder than the deep freezer we use at home - usually 18 degrees Celsius and in winter the temperature in this place is below minus 50 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature here in 1924

Recorded - 71.2 degrees Celsius Surprising to know that in winter the village sees three hours of sunshine 7 months of the year from October to April is covered with snow Normal breathing is difficult to administer Here breathing in the heavy snow is like cigarette smoke When people go out, their eyebrows are covered with snow, various parts of the body are covered with snow, the spectacles are blurred in an instant and even frozen. If someone lets the cloth dry, it grows big and becomes hard like a paper board. In winter, it is not possible to write with a pen here. In extreme cold, the ink of the pen freezes hard. He will be buried because of the snow. There is no place for him. When the corpse is filled, the earth is lit with fire before burial and it takes about three days to complete the process.

There are about 500 people living in this village. The main occupation of the people of this village is mainly deer hunting and fishing. Due to being stuck in the soil, the locals cannot cultivate crops. At this time all the river lands are quite big but the fishermen do not have to hurry to get the fish. The eagles keep away in advance in search of fish. Inside a suitable house, the wood-fired furnace is quite safe, so it stays warm for 24 hours. There is no trace of drinking water in the house at Amiakon. In winter, the temperature is so low that all the water freezes and freezes. They leave ice cubes in the pot and that is the only source of their drinking water

Greenland Greenland is the world's largest island. About three-quarters of Europe's island is sunlit. The island is covered with ice all year round. Below minus 50 degrees Celsius they have to survive all day and night in snowstorms and ice. Their skin color is light brown but dirty because of their dirty color. They are forced to stay dirty due to extreme cold. They build this special type of house with the so-called word and it has only one door where you have to crawl and the windows are made into one of the largest pieces. Because if the ice melts and the temperature rises a little, they go home immediately, without having to pitch a tent outside.

They have no other choice but to change. There is no way to grow crops. They live here without acknowledging. The deer seal fish and the desert boy eat the flesh and fat of these animals and make them out of leather. Accepting the method, they first dig the ice into the water, then wait for hours next to the hole with a spear in hand, and when they get a chance to get up from the hole, they come up to the side. Eximora cuts with a spear The whale's skull and seal bones were used as dog stands to light the house lamp. When they heard the name Bhadrak Antarctica Antarctica used as a stand deputy director, they saw a huge territory and 7,000 penguins. Only one large belly piece covers 90 percent of the space. This single piece of ice covers an area of ​​about 14 million square miles, the fifth largest continent in the world.

Although it is wide and uninhabitable for about a mile Antarctica, some animals that have adapted to this cold live here and even some people who do not live here are better called aliens. The story goes that no people or no indigenous groups live permanently, but there are some scientists living in remote areas to study. They were destroyed by research at a research center here called Station.

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