New Token Pay - Could It Be Something More?

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A new token was airdropped to people called PAY. (Payment Token)
72.558 Million currently exist with the possibility of 250 billion to be minted.

  • I really don't understand the name to the topic to be honest.



What is it?

From the looks of it this token at the moment is only used within a community on Hive called politics. Really original lol

The account that created the dropped that token is yet there is only one post from way back in April 22, 2020. I haven't been able to find details as of yet the tokenomics or why the airdrop. (I got nearly 2 out of those millions)


My Own Viewpoints

Personally for me I stay out of the drama of politics. It doesn't matter how much you yell and scream at someone about their own views. If anything they dig their feet in deeper and hold their ground more because of it.

That doesn't mean that politics isn't a hot topic. In fact it's one of the biggest and more engaged topics on crypto blockchains. The potential of this coin could be massive being on it's own tribes website and broken up into countries or left wing/ right wing views.

The only negative, people are seriously passionate about their political views. LIKE REALLY passionate that it often times scares the F out of me. Just imagine the downvoting that would happen on that site simply because you don't agree with someone else view point.

If seen friendships, even relationships broken up because of difference in viewpoints on political matters. It's as if no one can really have a civilized discussion anymore on the topic and instead it goes to hate, bickering and down right trash talking the person because of something they believe in.

For me this is the reason I don't get into it often. I respect others viewpoints and I welcome a constructive discussion on a political viewpoint or matter. It's important to talk about, see others view points and be respectful of those viewpoints just like you would want someone to be respectful of yours.


The Possibilities

I know it's not something I would want to create, manage and run so I welcome anyone that's interested to take it on and I would fully support it.

Imagine the power of a well run community maybe even two tokens left wing and right wing with two separate sites on political matters. The price battles that would happen, the amount of content that would be shares not only on the site but all over other socials. The amount of people that would be passionate enough to join that community (Hive) and engage with that content. With an easy onboarding system it would for sure drive thousands of people eager to drop their two cents on a number of the topics being written about.

What are you thoughts?
Would a truly well managed tribe relating to politics boom or bust?

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@bitcoinflood the PAY token is distributed through curation, I ran my account through @themarkymark 's tool and this is what I got.

Stake: 103,141.07 PAY
Effective Stake: 103,141.07 PAY
Token Price: 0.01 Hive
Stake Value: 1,030.379 Hive
Effective Stake Value: 1,030.379 Hive
Rewards/day (Mean): 83.92 PAY
Rewards/day(Median): 0.0 PAY
Hive/day: 0.84
USD/day: $0.32 USD
Annual Return: 29.7%

So there are some stats for you. I have moderated Forums for a decade and the political ones are always the most heated, to I try to stay neutral and try to understand various points of view. Recently I have been posting in the Politics community to try and engage a little bit more.

I have been banned from FB for a week after having been fighting with Facebook over account restrictions and 7 consecutive livestream bans. So I am going to be much more active on Hive from now on because I would rather spend my time using THIS datalayer instead. I have created a lot of content for Facebook but they keep violating my right to free expression. I shared some simple news videos in the Politics there this weekend that I would normally try to share on Facebook.

As long as this is a censorship-resistant platform I would like to be able to have conversations about current events and the global situation. I am interested to read factual information about what is happening in the world.

Don't you love how you just get banned for having a heated argument lol so dumb. Yeah politics can be crazy heated but it does gather a lot of traction

Facebook has no right to interfere and allow gatekeeper 'fact checkers' the arbitrator of what comment is funny and what comment is "harmful". I have been getting autoflagged, images and comments being instantly removed, and I have recieved violations for posts from years ago. I have been talking about this for the last two years and more and more of my friends are starting to experience this, or get their own yellow badge that identifies them. I have the red badge, and I keep sending them support tickets demanding they reinstate my livestreaming. It frustrates me even to just bring this all up again, but I had my live streaming function restored around October. I was finally allowed after over a year and a half. And then after the inaguration Facebook suddenly they changed their mind about my account, and a bunch of hidden random violations were used as an excuse to restrict it once again. I have about had it with that website, I am perfectly content to go back to using forum messaging boards as I did before, but this time I found one where all your posts wont vanish one day when the server breaks or someone buys the company that owned the website. Web3.0 on Hive is the place to be. Our Politics community could be a beacon for "True Freedom" which is what Dan Larimer implies is what we are experimenting with here.

Use the PAY tag when you make a post in the Politics community. Stake your PAY.

The posting tags enabled for PAY token are #hive-179804, #politics, #government, #election, #anarchy, #political. Any one of those post tags should work.

Thank you for your interest in this token. This is @holovision for @politicalhive. You're right about having not posted an update in quite awhile. My bad. I'll make an update post within a week.

A little background in this reply until then to help clarify:

The Token Symbol (PAY) breakdown:

To be honest around 10% of the reason the symbol is PAY is due to maybe Andrew Yang someday being the U.S. president so PAY might be a backronym for President Andrew Yang. 50% of the reason is due to being a Steemit legacy token. Back on "the other blockchain" I was a little late to the token creation process and tokens such as VOTE and BALLOT had already been taken as steem-engine tokens. When moving from steemit to Hive I was stuck with the token symbol. 30% is due to currently teaching myself Python programming. Eventually I want to develop a few things for Hive. One of my ideas is a blockchain game in which a user works to rise up the ranks from local politics to national leadership. PAY would be a token for that game. The remaining 10% is because money is a part of all politics from bribes to welfare and everything in between. The PAY symbol is a nod to that fact.

Within one or two years I plan to make the community a proper tribe with a nitrous website for the tribe and token delegation for PAY. Currently I am focusing on starting the @memehive tribe by the end of summer. After that I can focus on @politicalhive.

Good stuff thank you very much for dropping in and giving more details and vision on the project.

Feel free to use this icon for Payment Token if you like

Well I guess I do not count as I did not get the airdrop this new coin so I do not have to think about another coin with no real use case.

The tribe itself could boom if the MSM and social networks continue to delete people.

I was trying to figure out what the stipulations were for the airdrop but couldn't find anything. I was hoping someone else seeing this could chime in about it. (If anyone does know please let me know and I can update the post)

Totally agree about the boom part for the token or if it grows into a tribe. Every crypto platform I've been on is slammed with politics and it always has some major engagement.

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It would be interesting to know how they did the airdrop, as I am active on hive-engine with some of the better tokens

There are some solid tribes and projects on Hive-engine. Also hear they are rolling out SMT soon along with a few other things. You know all those things Hive should have been doing and still hasn't done. Kind of irritates me not really knowing what they are doing with all their time and money for the Hive blockchain. Many of those top witnesses seem seriously overpaid.

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One of the things I see as a problem is all the keys for folks not used to crypto it is to much when they first join. I am happy though that we are building slow and not all at once because most that do they then crash as folks go to the next shinny button. The folks that do stick around are the type of folks we want.

Honestly if Hive blew up and we got 10x the articles I'm not sure curators could handle it. It would likely turn into a massive amount of spam. Hive really only appeals to those who want to write articles.

and those that want to write a dapp or play a game

Last posted to @politicalhive in early 2020. Saw @bitcoinflood made a post about PAY yesterday. Still have all the account keys. Still here.😁

How long have you been here? Until last year the Steem blockchain was stifled by players who are no longer valid and the platform has grown by leaps and bounds since the fork.

LeoFinance has been rolling out big stuff and has more coming down the pike.

Splinterlands will have a land expansion and a DAO sometime this year, maybe next year on the DAO, and a new governance token with a 5 year roadmap.

Dcity just launched an update and I think Exode has been talking about something being ready soon.

I think everything seems to more or less be going great.

2017 and yes those are all outside influences not the HIVE core devs. That's my point here. The Hive core devs don't seem to really be advancing the chain instead it's all outside projects doing the real lifting around here.

Ah, but I see a lot of stuff going on in the DHF, and HF25(?) is just around the corner, isn’t it? Who do you feel is slacking and in which particular regard? I don’t keep up with individuals for this purpose so I have a lot to learn.

Here are the Hive-Engine parameters (tags, block rewards, ect.) for the PAY token:

It's based on tag use like other hive-engine tokens. The tags enabled for PAY are: #hive-179804, #politics, #government, #election, #anarchy, #political

Haha is that post mine? I have a feeling I posted in there but not many people engaged or cared to much. I have been wondering what PAY was and I seem to have just found out.

It seems to just be a community token on hive at the moment. It's where it's linked to for the token information. Which is pretty pointless because the only payout people see is the "hive" value payout and not the hive-engine token. Maybe they will launch their own site could be pretty cool and the possibilities are massive.

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You're right. At the moment it's not what it could be. The global pandemic derailed the plans but it'll be back on track later. Right now the focus is on starting my other tribe by the end of summer. After that I'll take care of @politicalhive.

As it is a token born for the "politics community", is it a new TRIBE token, or it's new BRIBE token? :) :)

lol, I like what you did there.

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It can be both.😁 Right now focused on starting @memehive tribe by the end of summer. After then focusing on making @politicalhive a tribe proper with nitrous website.

We are "in the shadows" with PAY. It looks like a "ghost token" so far, haha!

Let's hope for the best.

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Better than being a zombie token. That's Proof of BBRRRAAAIIINNNN.😁

I think I will skip the discord chat for this one.....could get a bit messy!

Fight GIF-downsized.gif

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Yay! 🤗
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