Monday Morning: Effective way to do is to do it

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Hi everyone, it's Monday morning and it doesn't have to get stuck. Whether you're at work or getting out of bed.
Monday is Monday, the day that starts the week, the day we always start our careers.

After two days of rest, Saturday and Sunday. I always hate Monday mornings, I usually have to get up early to go to work at 8 o'clock in the morning.

Monday is always Monday for me after a long and deep hibernation, sunlight shines through my window. I grabbed the phone to check the time, I was late. Again; and the director warmed me up personally. I'm always late for school. groan
I hurried to the bathroom and took a bath at half past six. After finishing the hygiene, I run to the kitchen and take a sandwich with butter.
While I enjoy breakfast, I check my time again, it's almost time to leave my comfortable home.
I immediately collect all my textbooks and notes and rush to school.
I meet students at a meeting ground, after the meeting, I have to take a physics class with ss2 science student.
The class was so interactive


After an hour, I had to take a break for another hour, sat down and ate a biscuit and malt to refresh my brain, and at the same time I shook something about the day.

As I wrote about my day, an SS3 science student began appearing in front of the class, pausing everything, I could to attend their presence in the lab. I keep my book safe so they don't laugh at what I filmed.

I was so tired that I was able to attend the class because the two classes were nearing closing, only 40 minutes apart, but without a silly apology I first gathered attendance and asked them for a note to submit. They don't know what's going on until I write Test on the board.
After the deadline for submission, no one in the class be able to resolve any of the issues.

I ended the lesson angrily without being resolved for test questions.

I sat down in my chair and continued writing on Monday.
It was already 13:00 and the deputy director called all the corps staff.
Honestly, we're all so happy with that call because they provide us with food


I took my share of the food stuff home help by some students, when the school closed.


Now it time to rest before I think of next thing to do. It just about a Monday, stressful day of the week.

Thanks for Reading...


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WOW. I love this school. You have beers on your desk! Keep up the good work my friend :-)

your comment always gives me more inspiration. Thanks you