My Top Five Favorite Songs Are All from NEWS... I Just Miss Seeing Them Together. T_T

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Hey friends!
It's finally Day 7! I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I couldn't write of even check my blog until tonight. However, I didn't want to skip a day of this challenge, so let's get it on!

When I listed "Top 5 Favorite Songs" in the challenge, I thought to myself that this is going to be difficult. Well, not because I have a lot of favorite songs... but all of my favorite songs are from NEWS. As you know, Tegoshi just left, so I'm feeling a bit sentimental when making this post.

OK... Let's start!


Video Source

In the video above, there are three songs... The first one is 紅く燃ゆる太陽 (Akaku Moyuru Taiyou) or "The Burning Red Sun" when translated in English. Well, this song is also good, but I want you to listen to the second song around 1:03-2:26 in the video.

It's pretty nostalgic because in the video, we can see 8-member NEWS. I wasn't a fan of NEWS during this time yet, but this song means a lot. Since it's in Japanese, allow me to place a translation of my favorite part of the song.

Why do my tears spill over?
During the times when I can't say the words
In front of my eyes are my dreams
Dreams that nobody knows about yet
We have to keep being strong, don't we?

These is the first part of the song... I find it very encouraging. As I have mentioned before, I became depressed and I felt left out because all my classmates were moving forward, while I wasn't. It's like... my dreams are just there, but why couldn't I reach it? But then I realized that I have to be strong in order to fulfill my dreams.


Video Source

Ahh... I can't find a better video of this song... and I guess this version is by 4-member NEWS. I actually like the 6-member NEWS version the better.

This song is one of my favorites because it's pretty meaningful to the 6-member NEWS. This is the first song they created together and basically this is their story and their message to their fans.

Among the countless encounters we met and became friends
we share different emotions and face the shining tomorrow
In tough times let's cry together, in happy times let's laugh together
With everyone's love and smiles I can always be gentle

I'm missing 6-member NEWS so much. When YamaPi and Ryo left in 2011, it was so painful for me to listen to this song. This song was like a promise to always be together, but then we realize, there's nothing permanent in this world.

Meeting you, and seeing your laughing and crying expressions
all of it is my treasure
Always always let's continue walking on

Despite that, it's important to move forward. We have to cherish all the laughters and sorrows we have shared together... and continue walking on.


Video Source

UGH! Effin' ninja cutting onions!

When NEWS became a 4-member group in 2012, they released a new single called "Chankapana" which is dedicated to their fans who kept on supporting them and never left. And in that single, there is this song entitled, "Full Swing".

I can still imagine them singing this song on their first concert after being a 4-member group... they were all crying, including the fans. I was crying as well while watching the concert DVD. This song is truly powerful!

Even the dreams that are crumbling down
Just believe that they will come true
Yes, I put all of my wishes in
So many throws of the die, in full swing

Even if I can't see tomorrow, I start running
Not caring about the dripping sweat

That's right, towards the way where I can't surrender my dreams to anyone
One step, just try and step forward just one step

It's so frustrating, that my overflowing feelings
Make all of my dreams stronger
Look up at the sky once again and grasp it all over again

Yes, we all experience failures in life. There are times when we just want to give up... but all these frustrations will make us stronger. Ahhhh~ it's difficult to continue writing... but I have to be strong. Two more songs...

U R Not Alone

Video Source

It hurts so much... There's no more 4-nin NEWS. Tegoshi left. It will never be the same, but I love them! This song is a very important song to NEWS fans, especially. Whenever NEWS experiences some trials and challenges, fans often sing them this song to cheer for them. I have joined in one project with international fans when NEWS faced some bad things that time.

There is an English translation in the video, but this is my favorite part of the song...

On that day I stumbled
Even the pain that brought me down on all fours
Let it out, break into a run
Change it to a running start, So that I can do it
Ah, can’t you lend me strength somehow?
That was me until yesterday, Didn’t we we overcome it together?
I swear, I’ll never back down and I’ll never be defeated

NEWS really is an inspiration, and their songs... strength. Although I'm feeling weak and sentimental while writing this, I just can't help but think how lucky I am to know this group... to walk with them for the past 10 years despite all the challenges. When I feel down, I listen to their songs to cheer me up. Although at the moment, listening to their songs is making me emotional. OK... last one!


Video Source

Ikiro means "Live!".
This song was released around 2 years ago, and I really like this song since I first listened to it. Upon re-watching this video, I felt my chest tightened and I feel sad. Damn it! I was trying to imagine the three remaining NEWS members. I tried listening to them, but it's so difficult.

It might be strange for you, but I just can't help it. If you may have noticed in the video, on the first verse, they're singing solo... but in the verse after the chorus, Tegoshi did second voice for everyone. This is something I will truly miss. I will miss how Tegoshi try to harmonize with every member. It hurts! shyet

Even if we suffer defeat
Even if we’re at 0
Surely we can do it over again?
Using all of the life we’ve been given
Until we burn out, we’ll live on

In between us
There are strings that we can’t see
Even if they become undone, they’ll surely
Become tied together again

I truly wish for them to cross paths again. I want to hear them sing and perform together like before. I want them to continue singing and inspiring people. I want them to tell people to "LIVE!"

I was one of the people NEWS has saved. NEWS helped to become more positive in life. Their songs told me that it's OK to fail... and even giving up at times is alright, for as long as you stand again and face everything.

I can't believe I survived writing this post!

It was actually difficult especially because of everything that recently happened to NEWS. I know they're strong, and so are the fans. I am just so glad to get the chance to listen and encouraged by their songs.

Tegoshi is now trying to move forward... NEWS, too. Although in their separate ways, their aim of inspiring people through their songs remain. I will forever love and cherish this group and these members. Thank you!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the songs even though they were in Japanese. We're one week down the challenge, let's keep moving forward!

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Good selection buddy, this a greats songs. Greetings from Venezuela.

Thanks! :)

I am amazed by your level in Japanese. Sad to hear about the separation of the group. Hope you feel better soon.

My Japanese level is not good at all... but I'm learning. :) Thanks Arni... ^^

Anak ng shawarma Japan song, klaro nami ba gikan sa anime. But I love it because I really love anime. I never thought that you will choose these songs. Nice..nice.

Unfortunately, they aren't from anime... hahaha xDD Kung anime songs, I like Fire Ground (Hinomaru Sumo), Blue Bird (Naruto), Over the Top (One Piece), ending songs sa Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru by Taichi Mukai, and many more!!!! hahaha xD

Aw di dy pero nakita ni nimo tungod sa anime ba..Ugma ako na sad, puro ra sad mga drama songs akoa ky ganhan kag emote kay mura sd kog akoy artista ba ana.hahaha

hmmn... dli sad.. haha... aside sa anime, hilig sad ko og anything Japanese like movie, drama, etc... cge go!!! emote is real!! haha

nakakita nakas "i want to eat your pancreas,or relife?" relife ang ganahan ko kau.. qg re:life sauna... nice btaw siya... wala q anang isa... isekai na??? Log Horizon rman og No Game No Life ako gwatch nga isekai so far..

aw og fan kag isekai, d.i the best..ang sheild hero..nindot kaayo..nd by the way, movie ako gipasabot, I mean live action dy nga movie sa relife og Ilove pancreas..

nope... not a huge fan of isekai... hahaha xDD although gnahan q sa Log Horizon og No Game No Life ky about gaming og strategy...

dli kaayo gnahan og live action sa anime.. mka-disappoint kasagaran.. hahaha so I watch movies/drama nga dli anime related.. :)

Do you know Takahiro Moriuchi of ONE OK ROCK? He was a former member of NEWS. 😄

Of course, I know him! :) And yep... he's one of the original members... I saw him in NEWS Nippon PV before, he was literally a child. hahahaha though his height didn't change that much.. lol