It Has Happened... Tegoshi Left NEWS and Johnny's Entertainment!!!

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Hello friends!
Shei here. :)

Last night, June 19, 2020 was shocking and somehow depressing. Tegoshi Yuya, my favorite Japanese idol, left his group NEWS as well as the entertainment agency he has been with for about half his life.

Screenshot from ARAMA! JAPAN

Tegoshi joined Johnny's in 2002 and debuted in 2003. If I remember correctly, he only trained for around 11 months before he debuted with NEWS. He has the shortest training time.

I personally think that he's the most talented singer not only in NEWS, but even in all of Johnny's Entertainment, so his leaving would be a big loss.

Screenshots from his official Twitter Account

Celebrities under Johnny's Entertainment are generally not allowed to have any social media accounts. Only recently that some of them are exposed in some social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, though they're usually managed as a group and not individually.

Since the effectivity of him leaving Johnny's, he created a Twitter account and posted the announcement. This happened last night. Well, wanna know my initial reaction? Check my Facebook status immediately after I read his status.


NEWS is officially 3nin. I'm heartbroken. It pains me to see my ichiban go, but it can't be helped. Whatever plans he has, I will be supporting him. I will miss your voice in future NEWS songs, but I will always cherish every song you sang with them... from 9nin to 4nin. It's too sudden, but I have somehow expected it because of the things that have been happening the past days. You will always be a part of NEWS. I wish you all the best and I really hope that you continue to sing... to create music that will touch people's hearts the way you touched mine. I will always and forever be Tegoshi's wife. 😍😭 NEWS really has it hard, but I know KoyaShigeMasu are strong. We will continue to love and support NEWS. This is depressing, but this too shall pass. NEWSと手越祐也くん、これからもずっと、応援しています〜!いつも愛しています〜

Some friends, especially my bestie, reacted on my status. Some people are even worried because they know how I love NEWS, especially Tegoshi. However, I realized how mature as a fan has I become. If it happened 10 years ago, I would have cried my heart out and be depressed.

Of course, I feel very sad... but it's not the end. I will continue to support 3nin NEWS as well as Tegoshi. I really, really, really hope that he will continue to sing and create music because he is really one of the best performers in the world... and it would be such a waste if he stops performing completely.

I also hope that he will be successful the path that he will choose, be it continue to entertain or become a businessman (which some rumors stated).

I'll end this post with a video of Tegoshi singing one of my favorite songs, Ai Nante.


Thanks a lot for checking and may you have a great day! Take care always. (^^,)/

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