No more REACTION Videos on 3Speak

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New and fresh videos coming soon


It is just a clear fact that the Audience on @3speak have ZERO interest in my reaction videos. Because of that I Have decided that I won't be uploading any more music video reactions in there, at least for now.

Maybe in the future this series might come back to 3Speak if You guys wish to see them back. For now I will try to come up with new videos that are different but still entertaining and in some shape or form will add something to Your day or life.

Let me know if You have any suggestions when it comes to which type of videos of mine You prefer to watch so I can work on that.

Hopefully will be able to come out with something.


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I think it's more that what you are reacting to is catered more to a teen audience.

heyyyy that's the music I listen to (blushing) the majority of my musical taste is trash in all honesty LOLOLOL

as in the people who would watch that video are teens. and there are no teens on hive haha