Lostchild - Dance To This (Feat. TIN) - Spot me dancing in this music video

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Invited to be in a music Video

Remember when I said I was invited to be part of a music video? Is out and it is so much fun. Watch it and spot me there dancing.

I have been a fan of Lostchild for a while now and I do enjoy is music a lot. So when he send me a DM asking me if I wanted to be on his new music video, I was super happy and excited.

Also I think it is really important to support smaller artists, on top of it he is a proud LGBTQ+ singer and composer so it make it even more important to support him.

But now just go and listen to this awesome cover, try to spot me in the video and don't forget to subscribe to him and leave a comment on the video so You can show him also some love and support.

And this is the original description of the video where You can check and access to all the information about him and Tin but also all the People that have appeared in this video:

"Lostchild - Dance To This (Feat. TIN) [Troye Sivan & Ariana Grande Cover] (Official Video)

myself and tin are so so proud to present the music video to our cover of “dance to this”, featuring a bunch of our friends and fans dancing and lip syncing in their kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. thank you so much to everyone who filmed themselves being crazy and having fun, it has helped raise our spirits so much and we hope you all had fun dancing to our track! and of course we hope everyone watching will feel the love and have just as much fun watching as we all did making it. ❤️

free download: https://soundcloud.com/lostchilduk/da...

written by troye sivan, oscar holter, brett mclaughlin and noonie bao, 2018.
produced, mixed and mastered by lostchild, 2020.
additional mixing by john at magic mountain creative, 2020.

video edited by mitch lagos / @mitchlagos
tin's wardrobe by @butchsociety

@lostchilduk / www.lostchild.co.uk
@tinofficialmusic / www.tinofficialmusic.ocm

Erin Duddy
Nina Master

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AHHHH, me encanto el vídeo. Que fino que hayas salido. <3