in GEMS5 days ago

World is moving. The earth is Moving. The moon is moving. All the elements are moving throuth. In our vwry early age we move behind our parents. Most of the time we people always telling like none of us are trying to move. We are going beside other. But this is the reality that we people are moving to another.

This is the reality that we do or we don’t do but we will move. We will move through this world. We will move through others. This ia the reality too.

In this world we the people are running after success and for that cause thee are trying to run through successful people. We are trying to be passionate and we are trying to be more precious.


I realise the reality. I got the point. It’s late but it’s true that if we think to be successful we ought to work. We ought to move our hand , we thought to receive love and have to give our own love for society and others.

This is the system of creation that if you Don't move through other, you can’t be a successful man. If you Don't think to work hard and creating your creativity no one will help you yo het a good opportunity. Opportinuty never come alone. It must earn. But most of the time people used to think It's opportunity and it will come Through.


I think politics is one of the best example of moving around. Though it’s my personal perception. Most of the time I saw People who do politics or those people who want to be political leaders most of the time move with their senior leaders.

I am not a political person. Even I Don't love politics. It’s not my job but I just realise.