Do you really enjoy music?

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How many of you would like to #support #music #playlists created on #spotify ?

For example like this one?

Hope people are not scarred about the notion of contemporary jazz, world-music, funk and jazz-rock ...

I've started my musical journey through this playlist, while i've diecovered Mike Stern's musical pages on #spotify and i was shocked to see that people are not playing this kind of music ... He had only few playings and honestly this is not possible ... especially when one of the saxophonists that played during the time with him is my master.

His name is Bob Franceshini and i am so proud to be his apprentice :-)

Therefore, i've created this #playlist ob my #spotify page and i've started to share it all over my virtual pages ...

I do hope that you people will start to enjoy some of my compositions on my musical journey with this amazing musicians like Mike Stern, my master bob Franceschini, Bob Berg and so many other awesome musicians ...

Enjoy the music, share it, save it on your playlists ...


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