Investments / are you buying the dip

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Hi everyone hope you are all good and well

Let's talk about investments when investing in anything please make sure you do proper research before you even think about investing a penny into anything as we are living in time's where the whole market's are volatile I've made some very good investments this year but I've also made some bad one's but the good one's out way the bad one's

Are you buying the dip?

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I did buy the dips but unfortunately making losses there. But I believe it's not a loss until you sell them at a losing price which I won't be doing at all. I will wait to go in a profit before I decide to sell.

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Yes you can lose sometimes buying the dip but as you said you only lose if you sell 👍🏾 I like to double down sometimes and make big gains

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I buy and if the price dips again, i buy more. I won’t quit till I get my money back 🤣

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I agree 💯 the price's are starting to go up 🚀💎🙌🏾