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Hi everyone good morning hope you are all good and well today

Ok let's talk about investments the first thing I would say is only invest what you can afford to lose as anything could

When thinking about investing please make sure you do some proper research before you invest even a penny into it

Many many people are getting scammed daily by investing in useless shit or stuff that don't exist

I do like to invest in new things but I only ever invest small amounts into anything risky

I've made some pretty decent gains even when the whole market was crashing

I've also lost a little money but I've gained more than I've lost overall

Here's two tokens you can pickup cheap on the bsc Babydoge and babybnb I've already made quite a bit from these two but there's still plenty of room to grow please only afford what you can afford to lose as anything could happen and I'm definitely not a financial advisor

Good luck everyone

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