MY JOURNEY @SPLINTERLANDS - Opening 33 Untamed Packs

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Hello all Friends...
Some weeks back I have purchased 200 packs and I decide to open then after the release of 4th Legendary Summoner, By that time I will accumulate the sufficient Potions also.
I was not hold my temptation and open some of the packs (33 Packs, as 153 potions was available in my account).


Pack Opened - 33
Per Pack Value - 2000 DEC
Total Cost of Packs - 66000 DEC
Potion Cost - 7400+6120 = 13520 DEC

Thanks to @monstermarket for tool to analyze the pack opening.


As you can see above the the total card value received for opening is less then the Purchase value of packs, so I can say I am in loos, but still this is game of luck and still I am left with 85 pack. Once I will accumulate the Potions I will be open the remaining packs. Hope will get some nice cards.

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Thanks to @minimining for delegated cards.



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