The Importance Of Covering Your Firewood

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Just two months ago I moved to the Gubbba homestead and since then it's been a challenge but one I've taken on head first. One of the priority items on the list was getting heat!

With fall setting in and temperatures dropping rapidly, mountaintops dusted with snow and the house quickly dropping into the low 50's I realized I needed to get the heating situation figured out fast.

I ventured forth to my basement after building up enough courage and there I found a dysfunctional furnace and the side panel door had been removed. Not only that but the propane feed line was disconnected entirely.

I quickly raced up the stairs and looked over my inspection report... NOTHING at all about a dysfunction heating system lol

It wasn't until I further investigated that I learned the furnace was installed to serve as a heat distributor for the wood burning stone. A fan stapped to the side of the furnace with a hole cut out of it and heat-induced fans blowing towards the furnace. Any heat blown into the furnace is mainly delivered to the living room because it's the shortest distance for it to travel.

It's definitely a contraption and I guess that's homesteading heating at its finest. My only source of heat is this wood burning stove so keeping it feed with fresh dried seasoned wood is essential for warmth this winter.

I ended up purchasing three heavy duty 16x20 foot tarps online, they were not cheap!! I swear the day I went out to do this it was dead calm then as I started putting tarps on the woodpile the wind quickly picked up. There was a moment I thought I would fly away holding on to the tarp lol I left the sides open to allow for wind to blow through still and dry out the wood. The goal here is to have three years worth of wood cycled. The newest wood is uncovered while the wood for this year is under the overhang.

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Haha love following your homesteading adventure from th4e comfort of my suburban home! A heat pump is a far cry from an actual furnace and I bet stoking the fire is a real chore when the wood is damp. If you get snow where you are, that will be even more of a challenge. Looks like you have plenty and a strategy to keep it ready to burn.

Awesome stuff!

Learning as I go, I'm surprised at how warm it's been keeping the house. I just hope it holds up once the snow starts falling.