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Hello, Hive community, It's Tuesday, the 14th, and what a terrific day today is.
I started the day off by taking a peaceful stroll to the shops to pick up a newspaper and some breakfast. But the real excitement came when I had big a fry-up two bacon two sausages
two eggs and baked beans two slices of toast and topped off with two cups of tea then it was time to add the newest additions to the Chicken tastic NFT collection called Angry Big Bad Chickens! Our team has been working so hard bloody to craft these digital chicken assets with the help of AI the best tools ever, and we are certain they'll bring a smile to your face and lots of laughter to your day. Plus for added safety they're minted on the secure and immutable Polygon Matic blockchain, so you can be sure your digital asset is safe and sound.

Angry Big Bad Chickens 17

Angry Big Bad Chickens 18

We are only gonna get bigger and better at crafting NFT collections!

Winners never quit

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