Taking photos of flowers is not as simple as it looks (FAILED PHOTOS EXAMPLES)

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Sometimes it doesn't matter how many attempts on capturing a flower you just can come up with a good image.
Other times what you envision in the moment it is not really what you envisioned in your head when you see it on the computer screen!
Remember that not every click is going to be successful one
The beauty might be there but you might not be able to capture it for some reason. There are multiple different reasons.
Sometimes is the composition that fails, others is the light, the colours. So many different factors come into play
And then there are the insects, I am not even going to dive to deep there. Because to capture those you really need to have a macro lenses. That is the way to go.

Sharing my failures for learning reasons

Today I want to share with you some photos of flowers that I have captured that are absolute fails. This images looked great in my mind when I captured them and when I looked at the preview on the camera but as soon as I saw them at home I knew I did not achieved the results I was looking for when I set myself to create this images.

By sharing this fails with you I want to bring awareness to the fact that sometimes taking photos like this might seem simple and you might even think that all of the images that I share are all the photos I capture. No. The photos I share in my social with everyone are the one that I select as the best works.

Not every click is a photo

In conclusion, I am not out here dumping all the photos I take. If that was the case you would probably be getting hundreds of photos in every single post.

Remember that this is the case for probably the biggest majority of photographers today, for every photo you see, many were taken to get to that result.

Next time you see a "simple photo" out there, know that probably it was not that simple to actually get that result.

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@sergiomendes beautiful flowers😍😍

The flowers are beautiful indeed, the photos could be better ebeheheh