Sneak Peak of what's to come

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Just a teaser

Today I went out for a photo walk around Liverpool Street Station and I have captured so many awesome photos.

For today I wanted to leave you just with a couple of test photos I captured when I got there, this were just to warm up and check the settings on the camera. And even those, I've really liked how they turned up. Specially because the architecture of the building really caught my eye.

Today the sun was shinning in the sky even if it was still freezing outside. And for your information, I have really put myself out there for the art of photography today. With my left arm on a sling and hating the cold temperatures as I should I have still was on the streets for a couple of hours trying to create the best and most beautiful images I could.

Will be sharing many of them with you in here and I really hope the final result was worth it and that you guys will enjoy this images.

Phone Screensaver

The format of the second image it is ideal for a mobile screensaver, so if you like the image feel free to use it! If you do don't forget to screenshot it and send it to me so I can see it.

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Curious how you get such luscious colours with your camera, which by the way is what???

The majority of the photos I have been sharing I usually take with the s21 ultra :D But this ones were with my Canon 750D I do some colour editing 😄🤫☺️

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