Bring back the cooking

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As you probably know by now, cooking is not my favourite thing to do. But I also don't hate. It can be fun.

When you are working a full time job, cooking is the last thing I want to do when I get home from work.

So I am very excited to be free from my full time job very soon. That way I will be able to add cooking to the list of things I can do for fun and entertainment. Not only that but so I can start eating healthier once again. Lately have been a lot of microwaveble food.

This one you have seen here was a experience a while back, and I am happy I have found because I remember it was super delicious and I definitely need to cook this again. Super simple and yummy.

Be ready for some more food stuff here whenever I am done with my work. I am very excited about it.

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Brings me back to my university days where I would cook a week supply of lunch in a similar fashion. It was a good time in my life. Understanding how to make ends meet whilst allocating resources to better avenues..(booze, parties, girls)

eheheh yeah. Specially here in London. The prices are something... And Uni times... I can't say I remember a lot LOLOLOL

We are the same type of person who are not too fancy in cooking but don’t mind to do so anyway.

I enjoy to cook during weekend as It takes me one an half hour to go home from my office in the past (now I am living with my mom because of the pandemic)

The pros of living with my mom is that I can always have homemade dinner after I off for work for that day so I can have healthier foods

Hopefully soon i will have more free time to be ablento cook

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I also don't like cooking but cook something just to stop my hunger. They never come out as good as yours.

ahhh thanks. it is the practice