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RE: Why "straight white men" feel attacked by LGBT and color inclusion in AAA gaming

in Hive Gaminglast month

i'm not white and i feel attacked. in fact most of the time i'm far more excluded than most black/white LGBT people. SJWs don't like talking about asian exclusion because a lot of them are conservative and choose to work hard and make money instead of whining about it 😏


Are you only talking about things in general, or do you feel a lack of inclusion in gaming? I've personally always felt strong asian presence in entertainment media.

esports is dominated by koreans so that's one exception. generally in gaming/gamedev it's a different story, but i hate selective inclusion as much as any other form of discrimination. so yea it's both things in general and gaming.

I agree with that, but they do it for the profits, so... Meh.

private companies that owned slaves were for profits

My point exactly. These companies are all shit.