Latest Randonautica Location From Trip

in hive-140217 •  9 days ago 

Took a weekend out into the mountains recently. Went to this small town. Been there a few more times before. I always look for somewhere different to check out. So I thought to take out the Randonautica game to find a cool place to go! Ended up by a middle school. By it is a river and a bridge that goes across it. Then you find all these big trees! It was an awesome little adventure. Felt the energy levels rise and made for a funner little vacation.

Here is the video I took on my cell phone

I'm going to have to break this game out again soon. Always takes me on an interesting adventure to a different location I haven't noticed much before. Definitely gets me out to get going. Seems to raise the spirit energy some too.

Making music is another interesting adventure aspect I partake in. Recently put a bunch of music on Spotify. Also have a Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

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