SEGA is 60 years old

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Rejoice, for SEGA deserves to be celebrated

There's an ongoing promo event on Steam by SEGA for their 60th anniversary. This is one of the best gaming companies out there, which still care about actual gameplay. Although they often fail throughout their iterations, they manage to score quite a few hits while avoiding some very dreaded micro transaction styles, unlike 41 years old CAPCOM (SF5) and most other huge studios.


SEGA brought us Sonic. At the time of his birth, no one else could really compete with Mario. This cool, impatient blue hedgehog was the reason I preferred getting a Mega Drive / Genesis for Christmas instead of a Super Nintendo. Funnily enough, the primary reason I've switched consoles over time was always because of new games from two specific franchises: The Legend of Zelda (ported me to the 64) and Mega Man X (ported me to SNES/PSX).

While nowadays Sonic isn't a prominent mascot in consoles, it might come off as a shock to you that he's still very much present in today's children and teenagers life. There have been many popular mobile games featuring him, such as Sonic Dash, which is why he scored a movie earlier this year. For those who still prefer his older gameplay, you can get Sonic 2 for free on Steam from now on, or pick up the righteous sequel to Sonic 3, Sonic Mania.

Of course, SEGA is not all about Sonic. I was surprised to find out Two Point Hospital and Endless Space is their propriety, although Total War being listed hasn't caught me off guard. Hey, the SEGA MEGA DRIVE AND GENESIS CLASSICS collection is 90% off! Some of my friends will enjoy playing them with me online using Parsec, so it's my next purchase. I wish a long life to SEGA!



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Wow awesome, I remember my first Sega console which was the Sega master system. As a kid i loved the game Alex the kidd which was a free game built into the console lol. I also remember when the Mega Drive came out and Sonic was also a classic.

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I've played Sonic for the Master System back when I was a kid. Have you played it? It's a lot easier than the Mega Drive sequel. Alex Kidd? Love it too. Beat it last year for the memories.

I cant 100% recall Sonic on the master system but then again I was very young back then 😆. I do remember Alex Kidd and wasn't there another built in game I cant remember what it was but i'm sure you had 2 built in games with it I just cant quite remember.

Also the Mega Drive I remember i got it for Christmas and it came with Sonic and I think it was a 3 game cartridge Golden Axe, Shnobi? or something like that, and something else i cant remember. Golden Axe was another classic lol

This Master System Sonic is the same as the portable Game Gear one, which came much later on. I tried it on my cousin's Game Gear. I also got my Mega Drive for Christmas! It only came with Sonic, but I used to rent a lot. Good days.


Got Sonic 2 for free on Steam too. Two Point Hospital seems to be very popular, I always thought it was not for me so I didn't look it up, but it seems you really recommend it?

It's Theme Hospital on steroids! I really recommend it.