How does passion prevail in a dying game?

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Legends never die

The clock ticks time away from some of our beloved gaming experiences. "Service" type products that will eventually close down no matter what, eventually becoming completely inaccessible because you need official online servers to play it. Or even worse, you need an entire community, because it's a competitive experience.

League of Legends has been incredibly frustrating ever since Riot Games stopped truly supporting it. Besides the occasional unnecessary champion and once-a-year map updates, the game has had nothing but new skins released. Even special events are just recycled material. Players are free to be as toxic as they want without punishment - I take this from my own experience of being a toxic player. So what's left? What can I do with my passion?

Do I just keep trying to reach the top regardless of the old meaning behind this? Riot was sold to the Chinese gaming giant Tencent. Do I really want to support a company that does not care about its product anymore? My heart has lost its way. It doesn't know how to do deal with all of these questions.

Yet, I still login. I keep climbing through ranked. Good old content related to LoL continuously sparks my interest again and again. Such as this video that has recently gotten me pumped up. It's a great video about how people who become legends are not known for what they have endured or for their personal development, but about their greatest public accomplishments.

The conclusion of all this is how I cannot let it go. My dream of becoming, at the very least, a Diamond 1 player as a top laning Vel'Koz one-trick pony might not matter to anyone else, but it does to me. Regardless of my reflexes becoming slower because of age, I want to see this happen. It is not for others' sake after all, but for my own.

Hopefully this little post has inspired you, who had questions about your passion. Follow your selfish desire. You deserve it.


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