Stop playing a game using a bot

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On our wonderful platform, we need different bots to complete different activities.

One of the most important bots we often use is exchanging our hive or hive dollars using bots with our personalised transaction code.

The use of bot to enable our transaction to go automated is important so that exchanges like Bittrex can cater to our transaction needs within minutes.

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Without a bot, this transaction will take hours if it is done manually because there must be thousands of transactions that Bittrex need to handle daily.

My local bank has a bot that allows me to simply send a SMS to a number with a standard instruction for transfer of my money between my different accounts.

Even the activation of our credit cards is done by a bot when we send SMS with specific instruction or login to our internet banking to activate our credit card.

We experience the long wait behind the phone whenever we need to a service from the customer service so it may take ages without a bot to assist us to activate our credit card.

A bot is able to help us to complete repetitive tasks much faster than human manual effort.

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Bot is good when it is used at the right area.

When we are playing a game, the main reason of playing the game is fun as well as the ability to compete with other players.

Playing a game fair without cheating is an integrity and honour that most gamers will follow.

Just imagine that a bot is playing League of Legends and it is live stream on twitch, I may take a look because I am curious but I may not watch it after that as there is no human touch while the bot plays the game for a human player.

It may not be hard to make a bot to play a game nowadays since youtube will have plenty of videoclips to show us. Below is one of them.

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When a bot plays the game with specific instruction, there is no point watching it as it would almost be like an automated transaction without no surprises.

Below is a videoclip of a game played with Bot and the youtuber titled it as ‘Boring Bot Game’.

Video Source

The above videoclip was posted since 11 May 2018 but it has only 128 views so far. Since it is a game that was played by bot, it is definitely not exciting regardless of the winning or losing.

Majority enjoy watching a live streaming with a player sharing his emotions as well as his thoughts during the game.

The interactions between players can often bring some laughters. Viewers laugh even harder when a professional player makes a silly mistake during a game.

When a player scolds himself for being stupid in making certain decision, viewers enjoy the realistic reaction.

A popular gaming video is not just able show a successful gameplay but the interaction and emotion of the players during the game.

We can have the worst player for a game but the jokes that often appear without doing them on purpose will bring lots of laughers.

This gamer tried to create funny gaming bloopers and he has 17.8-million subscribers.

Video Source

The use of a bot to play a game will remove the importance of having fun as well as human emotions.

Winning a game using a bot is not fair to other players. Most of us will not waste our time watching a bot playing its game.

It is great that we can have blockchain gaming but we must stop playing games using bot to ensure the game is played fairly with the true purpose of gaming.

Gaming is a great way to cope with stress as well as make friends so gaming is not just about winning a game but the process of playing the game.

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