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@delegate4gg has supporting many gaming contents through upvotes with a nice staked of gg tokens.

I am quite aware that gg tokens are not trading well on steem engine and there is a lack of engagement for steemace for months but I am still actively supporting gaming content.

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Gaming is definitely a big industry in the main market place where many professional gamers are earning millions simply by participating in tournaments as well as posting on youtube.

The truth is how many of us can get famous now on youtube through gaming with overpopulated gamers around the world.

From the link below, we can know that there is an estimated 2.7 billion gamers globally.

My holybread update is not a live streaming so it is generally a post without a videoclip.

There are also many gamers from Splinterlands that are posting their gaming updates without a videoclip too.

Without a videoclip, youtube is probably not going to be a place for many of us who do not make live streaming.

Many blockchain gamers are earning regular upvotes without videoclip so it is really a nice reward for us who do not post live streaming video.

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Blockchain gaming has a smaller pool of gamers so we do not need to compete with 2.7 billion gamers globally.

With lesser competitors, we really have higher opportunities to get noticed for our gaming related articles or posts.

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Many blockchain gamers who are only doing gaming updates are really getting extremely nice reward.

Some of the top blockchain gamers are earning over $40 for each post on Hive platform.

If they manage to post once a day, they would have earned $1200 ($40 x 30) monthly.

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$1200 is really an attractive monthly income but I must admit that most of us are not even close. It can still be something we can aim for.

Regardless of how much we are earning, we must also ask if we have enjoyed our gaming experience on the blockchain with a smaller pool of opponents in the game.

By not giving up in posting, we do get occasional nice upvotes that encourage us even if our normal days are simply getting a few cents.

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If any blockchain gamer feels discouraged, they can go over to the trending page to see the top earning gamers.

I understand that these gamers may have their own gaming social group with regular supporters so gaming is not purely simply gaming but there is also a high need for social mixing and interaction.

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With good rapport with other members, we can get better support while posting better gaming content.

Gaming on blockchain is really profitable when we do not give up easily and find ways to see how we can get better.

Even if we do not earn well, it is still good for our mental health especially if we are on retirement to keep our brain actively engaged with opportunities to make friends.

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I decided to share some of my thoughts today instead of doing my regular holybread updates for my daily post.

Thanks for reading and I hope it does make sense.

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Hmmm... I agree that. But $1200 a month is unrealistic for the most on Hive platform. I'll be lucky if each of my articles got $4+

I agree. It is hard for most of us to earn that amount as there are a few who are able to do it. Most of us can aim to achieve close to it would already be an achievement.