Holybread Gameplay Status Update #95

in hive-140217 •  10 days ago 

I believe most people are playing some games during our lockdown.

Boredom is usually our company when we are unable to get out of our house over a long duration.

We can get really frustrated and gaming is really a good way to calm our minds.

Gaming is good for our mental health during this period as it brings us to a virtual world when we cannot move freely in our physical one.

This is my usual status update for my gaming on holybread.

Holybread logo.png

Arena Zone

I am currently at rank 30 with earning of 4304.05 breadcrumbs every 15 min.

1. Arena Rank.PNG

Fight History

Below is my recent fight history.

2. fight history.PNG

I was attacked by @bitshares101 but my heroes were able to win the fight.

Character Status

My hero remains at Level 83.

3. Character Status.PNG

Thank you very much for reading my short post.

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