Holybread Gameplay Status Update #118

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Hive migration is currently scheduled between 16 June 2020 to 18 June 2020. We will be updated if the migration needs to be pushed back.

In the above game update, @simplegame also shared about his joy of the support that the team had received. They are able to cover the server cost this month even though they have not break even in the development cost but they are able to see income growth.

The team is in the process of testing the combat so I guess we can expect new animation during combat.

I have used my breadcrumbs to repair my weapons and other items today.

Repairing of items would be changed be changed to using Gold instead of breadcrumbs as breadcrumbs would be removed totally from the game soon.

I believe that a new game economy with new reward system will be shared with us once everything is finalised.

Selling of breadcrumbs on Sunday is already the thing of the past since the reward pool is removed from the game.

Holybread logo.png

Below is my Holybread gaming status

Arena Zone

From Rank 26 yesterday, I am currently at Rank 30. That is going down by 4 levels. There are some really active players above me who are fighting intensively.

1. Arena Rank.PNG

Fight History

Below is my recent fight history.

2. fight history.PNG

Character Status

My hero remains at level 84.

3. Character Status.PNG

Thank you very much for reading my short post and your support is definitely an encouragement to me in my journey of playing blockchain game.

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