Bilpcoin Tree Photo Contest

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Its 200 BPC POWER STAKED! to the winner We would love it if the whole community took part. To take part it's easy, Just take a photo of some trees . To enter the giveaway just post using the tag #bilpcoin or #bpc and you should mention us @bilpcoin @bilpcoinbpc all entry posts will be voted as long as you are not on any blacklist.
If you use our website You will get a slightly bigger vote. we will be running these once a week.
Look forward to seeing your photos.
Read below for full t&c's

bilpcoin tree.jpg
All entry photos should be there own please that's all we ask. It doesn't matter if it's a old photo you can still use as long as it has not been used in one of our giveaway's before.

If any photo is not there own you will not be able to enter any of our future contests, giveaways or competitions and all BPC rewards will be removed

Once you have made a post please share the post link to this post to make it easier for us to find everyone who has entered. Also please make sure that #BPC or #BILPCOIN is one of the first five tags.

The winner will be announced next week and will receive 200 BPC power staked to there account

No blacklisted users on any blacklist can take part

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