My 10 Top Music Sections for "Showcase Sunday" on Atom Collector Records

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The following 10 Music tracks are my selections of the fantastic independent musicians who use the Website to Promote themselves.

Falling Awake by Davy Vance

Epiphany is a cool word. Even cooler when it happens!

First track using my newly built baritone guitar.


Creeping on and dangerous
Like a rattlesnake
Nothing here to injure us
Falling awake

Scales on my eyes fall away
Crystal fair and square
My thoughts are a silent prayer
I see what's really there

Tears running down my face
It's all a big mistake
I think at last I know my place
Falling awake

Nyertun - Mindconnection - 05 - Fly by @beats4change

Let your mind soar

Nyertun - Mindconnection: Tunes from 2005-2007 Made with Reason

Dead Marchers (Mysterious Sines Remix) by Dislocated Flowers

A Voice in the Wilderness by Davy Vance


Oh let me in
Anyway you can
Oh let me in
I'll try to understand

Oh give me one more chance
I know how that sounds
I promise on my life
This time I'll stay around

I've tried to see the best in you
I tried to pull down walls
But I'm a voice in the wilderness
No one hears at all

Oh don't freeze me out
I've nowhere left to hide
Oh don't close me out now
I need to be inside

I've played out all my cards
My options have all gone
I used the bank of you
And now I'm overdrawn

I've tried to see the best in you
I tried to pull down walls
But I'm a voice in the wilderness
No one hears at all

Love Buffet by @suriel3000

Feature dance electronic track from album, "Against Forward Motion" by Kevin Dellinger. Released in 2018. Music composed and produced by Kevin Dellinger. Copyright owned by Kevin Dellinger. All Rights Reserved.

Privacy Policy by @harnessflux

From the Collected Singles EP

Riding The Waves III by Biting Point

An instrumental inspired by the sea.

Oily Road Hideaway by Flicker

Oily Road Hideaway by Flicker.

Album: At Least 1000 Words (2002).

Music by G. Davies/D. Danielli.

Copyright © 2002 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 2002 Explicit Music.

George: guitars, Plank, string fish, synths
Dave: bass, percussion, keys, programming

Fun Facts:
Oily Road Hideaway was written after being stuck near Stonehenge on the A303 for several hours while a breakdown recovery service tried not too hard and with little joy to come to the rescue.
One would have thought there were not too many roads called the A303 in that area.
Nevertheless it took about 10 hours to get back home.
As a consequence of the breakdown Floyd’s wedding was missed by several,
This tune was the first thing George played when he arrived back home, having had no sleep at all the night before.
It was rather unglorious.
The Hideaway was also the name of the club where the Live Stage used to put on bands in Torquay.
The stranded people in the car were all the Live Stage posse.
This is the only remaining tune with a drum machine program on the album after It Starts Right Here was dropped.
It also has a two-string lead guitar part, so if ever you’re at a party and find a broken guitar, you can play… this!
Martyn from Pyg built the string fish himself and kindly loaned it for this recording.
Oily Road Hideaway contains twin bass guitars which are panned apart from each other in the stereo spectrum.
Dave plays his Fender and George plays The Plank.

See also:

Inference by Biting Point

It's not the things that we said, it's the inference.

On My Way by Gerontius

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Many thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy the show... 👍