Darkness Can't take away the beauty of the day

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When there is light, darkness Can't take

control, when there is presence of the

moon darkness hide itself.

Why will darkness take away the beauty

of the day,

Why will darkness disobey the order,

Who will stand against the light God

created to rule in the day,

Who will shift the moment of darkness
to the morning.

Oh the day is beauty

Oh the night is colorful

Who are the stars that sing in the sky at

night to make it kingdom beautiful.

I said oh let the sun shift to the night and

the stars shift to the morning,

Damm who are the darkness of the sky at

night that turn the sun to the moon,

Yeeh who are the bright day that don't

allow stars to shine in the day.

Sounds sounds sounds!!!

Loud clearly, Oh my servant darkness

can't take away the beauty of the day.

Oh my servant I make the moon to shine

to my servant at night.




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