From scratch to GFL #13

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Welcome to my "From Scratch to GFL" Series episode number 13.

This is a series that I started as a journey to see how long it will take me to get from scratch to a Gold foil legendary card in Splinterlands
I have allowed myself two level 2 summoners that I delegated from my main account.
At the moment the cheapest GFL is the Chain golem card at $35
But do I want to settle for that ?

I Cannot . . .
Buy packs
Join a guild
Go under 60% ERC

I will be using a lot, since they give sweet 3% cashback on card purchases !


Let's begin with the episode

Obviously the main thing today is the season rewards !! 26 loot chests incoming.

Quite good rewards
Highlights being

  • 169 DEC Drop
  • Essence orb
  • GF Gelatinous Cube


As are traditions, the orb is going to be opened :)

Nothing good :/

Our quest for today is

Fire splinter (Again)
Really happy with this, since I can use levelled up cards with this splinter

I cannot say this enough, that the Zalran Efreet is a really great card to have !!
School has me pretty busy atm so I can't play many battles, with this whole virus thing all the schools are on lockdown and we have to do everything in home (we also get like 3x the work)


Quest Rewards

Maybe even potions would have been better :/


  • Contessa L'ament (To lvl 2)
  • Mother Khala (To lvl 2)
  • Wizard of Eastwood (To lvl 2)


Starting TrophiesStarting DECStarting Cards Value
Current TrophiesCurrent DECCurrent Cards Value

Total Games PlayedWinsLosses

Thank you for reading and feel free to ask me if I left anything out.


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