Twister Jester - "Share Your Battle" Challenge

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The Splinterlands favorite "funny guy" is on full display this week. His standup comedy is beating you down in the battle arena. He thinks you are the joke. That's why he is laughing!

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Get To Know Twisted Jester

Name: Twisted Jester
Splinter: Death
Abilities: Snipe (Level 1), Dodge (Level 5)
Favorite Joke:
What's red, but not black, and lies flat in the battle arena?
You! Cause I just sniped ya! Death splinter rules!
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Watch The Battle

The Battle Link:

The Lineup:

  1. Lord of Darkness
    With Equilizer, Mr. Darkness would be able to defend extra attacks due to his +2 armor. And with Enrage, he would pack an extra punch once his health decreased.
  2. Spineback Wolf
    Great speed and able to attack from the second position.
  3. War Chaang
    Duel threat with melee and ranged attacks. With Equalizer, this elephant would be able to defend against a strong Snipe attack.
  4. Mantoid
    Great partner for Twisted Jester!
  5. Twisted Jester
    The star of the show (aka Mr. Funny Guy) with Snipe attack.
  6. Soulstorm
    Great range monster with strong attack, especially in light of the Lost Magic rule.

Why Jester?

I knew I wanted to focus on ranged attacks since the Lost Magic rule was in play. And with the powerful combo of Jester and Mantoid (combined attack = 6), I knew I would be able to eliminate one of my opponents quickly.

Since my opponents only had one ranged monster, my Snipe monsters quickly began to attack the first position monster. This accelerated my attacks in a way I had not planned.

Since my opponent only attacked with one snipe monster, I was not wondered about losing War Chaang, who normally boasts health of 9, but with Equalizer, his health was was a massive 11.

Compatible Rule Sets

  • Lost Magic - no magic attacks
  • Keep Your Distance - no melee attacks
  • True Aim - Twisted Jester would always hit his target
  • Little League - Twisted Jester is 4 manna
  • Close Range- Twisted Jester could fire from the first attack position
  • Back To The Basic - Twisted Jester would act like a normal ranged monster, which is a great deal at 4 Manna and 3 Attack.

Final Thoughts

My strategy worked better than planned, but some of that had to do with how my opponent choose to play. When my snipe monsters started attacking the monster in the first position, I knew that I would win.

It felt good to have all of my monsters standing in the end (but just barely, as Lord of Darkness only had one health remaining).

Death is not one of my favorite Splinters so I do not use Twister Jester very often, but after this battle, I will definitely remember how powerful the Twisted Jester + Mantoid combo is. You may be seeing me team up these cards again in the near future.

Thanks for stopping by! See you in the arena!

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Excellently put together video.

Your opponent lost that for you! By putting that string of melee monsters in front of his one ranged attack, he must have misread the rules thinking melee monsters could attack from any position!

I have often misread (or not read) the rules. That almost always ends up as a disaster! I was a bit surprised when I saw my opponent's lineup. It made me wonder if I had misread something.

Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words about the video. Much appreciated!

It's an enjoyable game, have you noticed one of the bot accounts is selling off some beta cards for cheap, might be a chance to get in!

I had not noticed. I will check it out!

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