The Inaugural #SplinterDebate - Earth is the All-Star Healing Team of the Splinterlands

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Welcome to the inaugural #SplinterDebate!

What is a SplinterDebate?

A #SplinterDebate is a comment or question about #Splinterlands that is intended to spark conversation, controversy, and experimentation on the battle field.

I look forward to hearing your opinion about today's topic!


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Today's SplinterDebate

Hands down, without a shadow of a doubt, Earth is the All-Star Healing Team of the Splinterlands.

Do you agree?

Here are my reasons why:

  • There is no other splinter than fill 6 slots with monsters that have some type of healing ability.
  • Earth has more Tanking Healing monster than any other splinter.
  • Khmer Princess is one of the few monsters with both Tank Healing and Triage.

Fact check me! Let me know if I am wrong.

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The All-Star Lineup

This lineup has everything I want in All-Star Healing Team.

  • Fresh Golem is great in the first position because of high health and Void ability.
  • Kron The Undying will be able to hold off Snipe attacks well in the second position.
  • Wood Nymph and Khymer Princess don't bring a punch, but they keep everyone else healthy. Both are susceptible to Magic Reflect. This might be the biggest weakness of the Healing All-Star Team.
  • Spirit of the Forest add a little extra Shield protection.
  • Earth Elemental can hold its own against Sneak attacks.

Flesh GolemKron the UndyingWood Nymph
Khmer PrincessSpirit of the ForestEarth Elemental

Would you change up this line-up in any way? Let me know how you would place each monster.

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Even Better if you add in Neutral and Dragon

On its own, Earth blows away all of the other Splinters. But in case you want to consider substituting a few monsters in the lineup, don't forget ...

Tortisian Chief
Gold Dragon
Red Dragon
first position tank
last position
middle of the lineup
any position
any position

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Are we on the same page?

If you don't agree with my assessment, then let me know in the comments section:

  • Which Splinter does the All-Star healing team come from?
  • How would you change up the recommend Earth lineup?

Thanks for stopping by and see you on the battlefield!


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This is all well and good, but what about the little guys (the newbies that are just starting out [like me] and don't have any upgraded summoners, yet)?

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Valid concern. A lot has changed with Splinterlands since it first came out. There is a bent towards paying-to-earn. And with the latest upgrade, that is is even more evident. The more you have invested the more rewards you could potential earn.

I just checked out your deck, and I did not see any summoner cards.

  • Did you purchase a Summoner's Spellbook?
  • If not, how did you get the cards you have?
  • What is your highest level summoner?
  • Do you have multiple summoners who are at the same level?

Yes, I purchased a Summoner's Spellbook. However, you do not get actual cards (to own) in the Spellbook any more. It's more like you are renting the cards. Since I have not been rewarded with any Summoners, effectively all of mine are level one. Therefore, it would not do my any good to try to level up any of my other cards at this point. In that vain, they are basically forcing you to invest not only in your Summoner's Spellbook, but also in Summoners if you want to advance in any way.

Life is getting closer to Earth now, with the Triage ability of Chanseus The Great and the new Dice legendary Kralus tank that has Heal.

Chanseus the GreatKralus

Beautifully crafted post with all the original card images with full stats on max level. Great effort!



Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment and encouragement.

Chanseus The Great is a powerful card. The combination of triage and armor repair is pretty powerful with a heavy shield team, especially with a maxed out Silvershield Paladin, Shieldbearer, or Kralus. Add Divine Healer and you have a tough monster to defeat in first position.

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

This a very interesting debate, Life and Earth are the most healing team of Splinterlands but earth element has powerful self healers.

@yonilkar - Thanks for stopping by and supporting my post. I appreciate it.

I still think that Earth as a slight edge, but that is why it is called a debate. Life and Earth are definitely at the top of the list.

Have a blessed day!

To you too man, interesting topic about the game.

@tipu curate

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@stever82 - Thank you for your support with tipu curation.

I disagree, I'd say that Life is the master of healing. Healing often goes hand in hand with cleanse in order to remove any affliction effects. Earth lacks any cleanse ability and I think Earth's main purpose is a ranged snipe team just like Water's magic team.

Interesting point about healing and cleanse working hand-in-hand. Thanks for adding to the conversation.

What would your All-Star lineup be?

It really depends on the ruleset and what splinters are available but I've won many time with this setup if Water isn't available:

Chanesus summoner
Angel of Light
Divine Healer/Toritsian Cheif
Lone Boatman

I agree with you for sure that earth has the best healing line up but there are more ways to stop healing now so you can beat them pretty easy sometimes.

I agree with your statement as well. A healing strategy can not fend off every type of attack strategy.

Knowing the line-up I presented above, what would you do to attack?

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