Curious About Furious - When the Lesser is Greater!

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The Splinterlands Arena brings both victory and defeat. Some monsters walk out of the arena. Some monsters are dragged out.

In today's post, I will be talking about a different kind of battle - Curious Chicken's identity crisis. There are times when the Furious Chicken non-gold alter ego outshines the 24-carat version.

The Battle Of the Furious Chicken.png

Going To Battle With Curious Chicken

If you have the resources (aka money) to upgrade your Splinterlands cards, then you can compete at a higher level of gameplay, which translates to receiving more daily reward chests and more seasons reward chests.

Those chests provide players additional resources needed to improve deck strength. I personally believe that maxed out cards provide the greatest strategic impact. There might be a few exceptions, and I can definitely think of some opportunities where a Level 1 Furious Chicken is as strategic or even more strategic (when considering the financial cost) than other levels of the Furious Chicken.

Against Snipe

The most obvious example is placing a Level 1/2 Furious Chicken as the first non-melee monster. In essence, you sacrifice the Furious Chicken to protect a more valuable ranged or magic card.

If your summoner adds +1 life or + 1 shield, you potentially buy two rounds of protection.

Against Opportunity

Since Furious Chicken only has 1 health (regardless of level), an upgraded version does not fair any better or any worse against monsters with the Opportunity Ability.

In The Last Position

As mentioned above, since there is no difference in health, placing a Furious Chicken with no melee attack (level 1/2) or a Furious With Melee attack (level 3 through level 8) in the last position has negligible difference.

A slight edge should be given to a melee Furious Chicken for the Super Sneak and Melee Mayhem rule sets.

In The First Position

In the first position, I still believe that placing a Level 1/2 card is relatively comparable to placing a Level 3/4.

Only at Level 5 and above do I think that a melee Furious Chicken starts to break away. This is especially noticeable for a rule set like Equalizer where the Enraged ability can shine.

I can see this having a positive impact on a battle, but I have never seen a Furious Chicken ever attack with Enraged.


Side By Side Comparison

Furious Chicken

Gold Furious Chicken

current price$0.08$3.50
entry levelLevel 1Level 4
starting attack0 melee / non melee1 melee

Should You Upgrade?

That choice is up to you, but I would definitely recommend every player at least have a Level 1 Furious Chicken. At 0 Manna, Furious Chicken fills a spot, and I would rather play with as many monsters as possible.

Should You Go For Gold?

The major benefit of a Gold Furious Chicken is that it increases your Dec Reward Bonus earned during a victory.

At $3.50 (the price when this post was published), a Gold Furious Chicken is a bit steep for the value it provides, but it could be a good long-term play if a user is wanting to accumulate DEC (Splinterlands in-game currency).

I want to hear from you!

Let's keep the conversation going in the comment section:

  1. Do you own a Furious Chicken?
  2. If so, how do you use the Furious Chicken as a part of your strategy?
  3. Have have you used the Furious Chicken's ENRAGED ability?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Any liquid rewards from this post will be used to purchase Furious Chickens from the market and sent to the @alphachicken account.

The goal of @alphachicken is to grow the largest Furious Chicken army in the Splinterlands.

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Gold to level five can be a nice chicken winner, on very rare occasions.

This sums up my attitude to levelling the chicken:


Not worth it beyond level five, but worth holding the cards you've got, everyone needs a chicken, single cards should go up significantly, they're so unique!

Fair point about the snipe sink without that melee attack.

Thanks for sharing your battle. I would call this a "last man standing" strategy. If you had not had melee attack this would have ended in a draw.

If I am not mistaken a level 3 furious chicken would have helped you win this batter. Agree?

Totally agree that every player should have a Furious Chicken in their battle lineup!

True! Still nice to end up on a chicken!

A level three would have been just as good, I don't think I needed that enrage!

have my lvl 1 chicken. everyone should have one (i mean no one should have one, don't use it, it sucks)
always useful to take damage for others.

I only use a Level 1 Furious Chicken, and I only use it when I have used up all of my manna and still have slots available.

He just absorbs damage what would normally have gone to a different monster.

I just sent 14 furious chickens to the @alphchicken account - matching up with the liquid rewards for this post. Just wanting to keep my promise!