Splinterland's Weekly Challenge : Scale Doctor

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Below is the Lore of of the "Scale Doctor" that explains they really have some tough job to do.
"Scale afflictions are especially difficult to treat, so the Gloridax doctors must be skilled at treating all types of monsters, up to and including Dragons. Healing a sick Dragon is often a lost cause, and Scale Doctors are frequently put to death for failure in saving a Dragon’s life."

Scale Doctor.png

When you see the stats of Scale Doctor, I see this is really an amazing card to be in team.


Look like at max level, this card is nice to have with Dragon summoner "Drake", if there is no Armor restrictions in game. It is also very strong choice to be used in ruleset like "Armored up".

My ruleset was below:


Wow it's maxed mana battle with no heal and melee monsters.

My team in order: Daria Dragonscale(Summoner),Lord Arhianthus, Scale Doctor,Defender of the truth,Black Dragon,Fire spitter and Air Elemental.
Opponent team in order: Tyrus Palladium (Summoner),Warrior of Peace, Peaceful Giant, Gelatinous Cube, Spirit Miner, Silvershield Sheriff and Cyclops.

Daria Dragonscale.png

A Dragon Summoner is my need to use Scale Doctor, I just wish I have Selenia sky.

Lord Arianthus.png

I guess it is best offending defender.

Scale Doctor.png

Giving all friendly monster +1 health.

Defender of Truth.png

+2 Armor for my team.

Black Dragon.png

+1 health for team, slowness for opponent and leech for himself.

Fire Spitter.png

Nice range attack and flying ability.

Air Elemental.png

High swiftness and strong range attack.


All the monsters and summoner abilities in effect.


Look like all my team is standing strong after a first round.


Opponent first monster is down and my team is still strong.


Opponent 2 monster are down, but all my teammate is still standing.


Look like ,I am going to win comfortable here.

Battle Id

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

That strengthen gain make your team more difficult to defeat.

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