Contest – Lord Arianthus LVL 4 Delegation #7

in hive-13323 •  3 days ago 
Welcome! Another contest. I will offer the delegation of a Lord Arianthus LVL 4 (MAX LVL) card, until the end of the current Splinterlands season...


To compete just comment anything about this card (Lord Arianthus) and nominate a friend that you believe would be happy to use this.

In 48 hours I will determine the winner by lottery. The card will be made available through the game's Lease tool.

Please, only 1 comment per person. It is not necessary upvote, share, or follow me, but it will be appreciated and will help me to increase prizes.

I hope the winner enjoys this card.

Good luck!

Image: @splinterlands.


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I just wanted to let you know that I made it to Champion I for the first time ever playing Splinterlands. Your delegation was the reason. 💕

I would love the Lord delegation and maybe @bafi would to.

!trdo 🙏


I am running to reach champions for first time any card could help me, same thing for @rubillo15

after reading many of your posts, I bought Lord Arianthus.

Really really want this for myself but probably @acheeach would need it more

@sayee check this out.
I would love to play a lord A. which can reflect and have thorns. Hez a bad bad tank to go against in low mana battles