Casual Splinterlands Player's Seasonal Report, June 30th 2020 - Finished in Diamond I, Got Some New Cards

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End of yet another #splinterlands season.

There was a chance to play another quest and maybe reach the Champion III league. I opted to skip it and wait for the time to run out.

60 chests to open

I pressed the Reveal all button and ...

18 cards, some of them new, some of them rare.

It looks like that the @peakmonsters explorer doesn't know the new cards yet.

Let's check them out:

Grim Reaper

Gloridax Soldier

Ant Miners

They look interesting. We'll see how useful will they be.

Among the rewards was an Untamed pack too.

What it has in store?

Nothing special.


Sniping Narwhal to level 2

And that's it.

New Season

I'll start playing tonight at the Gold I level. Usually I wait a bit so the players who start around me move up and others from lesser leagues come up. I find it easier to win matches this way.

Good luck!

Better and better

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All the best for your game!


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