Casual Splinterlands Player's Seasonal Report, July 31st - Champion III It Was, Video Of Rewards Opening

in hive-13323 •  12 days ago 

Eh, I didn't even notice that the season is over. While trying to reach Champion II league and after I won a match I've received this notice:

Good! Without much play I was able to climb this high,

What are the rewards? 80 of them?

25 cards and 2 Untamed booster packs

Golden Undead Rexx

A decent loot!

Watch the video with the opening of the cards on Twitter.

Fancy, ain't it?

Two booster packs

Nothing special.


31 cards, will any of them be upgraded?

Magma Troll to level 2

Dark Astronomer to level 2

Silvershield Sheriff to level 2

New Season

In four hours.

Good luck, everybody.

Better and better

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