Casual Splinterlands Player's Daily Report, June 25th 2020, Part 2 - Still Playing in Diamond II

in hive-13323 •  9 days ago 

As I announced in my firts today's report - Casual Splinterlands Player's Daily Report, June 25th 2020 - Playing in Diamond II, I had another quest ready.

I finished the Dragon splinter quest minutes ago. I am still 58 points away from the DIamond I league. I'll tackle this tomorrow.


Another 17 chests. What do they hide?

Nothing much. Meager three cards.

I won't even ask about the upgrades.

Anytime tournament

Today I also entered my first anytime tournament. No, I don't play many tournaments.

With 15 hours to go I am sitting in position number 60. 8 wins, 4 loses, 7 matches still to play.

Do you participate at these events?

Better and better

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