Casual Splinterlands Player's Daily Report, July 29th - Champion III reached after a long pause

in hive-13323 •  13 days ago 

It is a rare occasion to write a #splinterlands report.

Why? Because I don't play it much these days.

I mostly play Rising Star, Holy Bread and Cryptobrewmaster. Strange? I don't think so.

Anyways, I easily finished a quest with the Dragon splinter and played another match to reacj the Champion III league.

Now, with the help of the Quest potion, I'll open the loot chests.


21 chests. What do they hide?

11 cards, three of them rare.

Which brings me to ...

What to do with the alchemy and legendary potions?

Since they no longer have the effect on the rewards cards and considering I won't be buying any pack soon... can I sell them?


OK, are there any upgrades?

None. Grim Reaper was the closest.


End of the season

One day and seventeen hours to go. I might play another quest with Fire splinter tomorrow night.

In the meantime ...

Good luck, everybody!

Better and better

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Good luck to you :) I never play those games mentioned except cryptobrewmaster.

You are better off not playing them. They are a terrific waste of time :)

Haha, you're probably right :)

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