What is Boudoir Photography? [ENG/ESP]

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Boudoir photography is for lack of a better term a style or type of photography that is responsible for portraying the intimate and sensuality of the person... It is usually practiced more on female models than on men, however it is not a limitation at all or a condition.

The term Boudoir comes from France and means boudoir. This was a space or a room where women who were part of the aristocracy 3 centuries ago met and held private conversations while they embellished each other.

Today I want to tell you about this photographic genre that has been very popular in recent times... If you didn't know about Boudoir photography now you can have an idea of what it is all about.

La fotografía Boudoir es a falta de un mejor término un estilo o tipo de fotografía que se encarga de retratar lo íntimo y la sensualidad de la persona... Generalmente se suele practicar más en modelos mujeres que en hombres, sin embargo no es una limitante en absoluto ni una condición.

El término Boudoir viene de Francia y quiere decir tocador. Éste era un espacio o una habitación donde las mujeres que formaban parte de la aristocracia hace 3 siglos pasados se reunían y mantenían conversaciones privadas mientras entre ellas se embellecian.

Hoy quiero hablarles sobre este género fotográfico que viene siendo muy populares en estos últimos tiempos... Si no conocías sobre la fotografía Boudoir ahora puedes tener una idea de lo que se trata.



This is a very controversial genre and can cause controversy, aspects that could also be relative for those who interpret the images and sessions of this type. Personally, I believe that beyond focusing on the sexual, which has nothing to do with boudoir, it is about sensuality and capturing feminine beauty from the natural.

Éste es un género muy controversial y puede llegar a causar polémica, aspectos que pudieran ademas ser relativos para quien interpreta las imágenes y las sesiones de este tipo. En lo personal considero que más allá de enfocarse en lo sexual que para nada tiene que ver con el boudoir, se trata de lo sensual y de capturar la belleza femenina desde lo natural.



This type of sessions are usually done in rooms, as the name suggests in a boudoir or an intimate space, however any location can be accessible depending on what the model or photographer wants to express. The outfits that are usually used are lingerie although there are also nude photographs, as is the case of this session that @rop1 and I did in the city of La Plata.

There is also a controversy between Boudoir photography and Glamour photography. They are two different genres since the Glamour seeks to express feminine beauty more from the aesthetic and from fashion. In this type of sessions you can see people with elegant dresses and very noticeable or perhaps exaggerated makeup, as it seeks to highlight the beauty from that point of view.

Este tipo de sesiones se hacen generalmente en habitaciones, cómo su nombre lo indica en un tocador o es un espacio íntimo, sin embargo cualquier locación puede ser accesible dependiendo de lo que la modelo o el fotógrafo quiera expresar. Los outfits que suelen usarse son lencerías aunque también existe fotografías de desnudos, como es el caso de ésta sesión que hicimos @rop1 y yo en la ciudad de La Plata.

También existe una controversia entre la fotografía Boudoir y la fotografía Glamour. Son dos géneros diferentes ya que el Glamour busca expresar la belleza femenina más desde lo estético y desde la moda. En este tipo de sesiones se pueden ver personas con elegantes vestidos y con maquillajes muy notables o tal vez exagerados, pues busca resaltar la belleza desde ese punto de vista.



Boudoir photography seeks to express beauty without makeup or with very little use of it, usually the model does it with less exuberant clothes and in this case it seeks that the person portrayed creates a connection with her body and beauty has another kind of concept. In my case I like to create compositions where a lot of the body is handled and execute shots and approaches something particular or different (I always try to do it with everything 😅)

So, today I leave you this post about this kind of photographs, where you have to appreciate each image with a black and white variation. Grateful to @rop1 for being part of this production and also to you who have arrived here and have appreciated this content. Have a great weekend ✨🍀

La fotografía Boudoir busca expresar la belleza sin maquillaje o con muy poco uso de este, usualmente quien modela lo hace con ropa menos exuberante y en este caso se busca que la persona retratada cree una conexión con su cuerpo y la belleza tenga otro tipo de concepto. En mi caso me gusta crear composiciones dónde se maneje mucho de lo corporal y ejecutar planos y enfoques algo particulares o diferentes (siempre trato de hacerlo con todo 😅)

Así que, hoy les dejo este post sobre este tipo de fotografías, dónde además tienen para apreciar cada imágen con una variación en blanco y negro. Agradecido con @rop1 por haber sido parte de ésta producción y también con ustedes quiénes hayan llegada hasta acá y hayan apreciado este contenido. Que tengan un excelente fin de semana ✨🍀




All the photos and texts in this post are my authorship.
(Todas las fotos y textos presentes en éste post son de mi autoría.)



Camera: Nikon D3400 | Lens: YONGNUO YN 50mm f/1.8
Cámara: Nikon D3400 | Lente: YONGNUO YN 50mm f/1.8


Bibliographic sources used for reference.

Fuentes bibliográficas utilizadas cómo referencia.


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La seción te quedó muy bien. El estilo de las fotografías no lo conocía, gracias por la información

Gracias a ti por tomarte el tiempo de visitar el post y apreciar las fotos y de lo que trata 🙂

Now I know and understand a little more about boudoir photography! Thank you for sharing both pictures and thoughts!

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It's my first time of hearing about Boudoir photography.
I have learnt something new today.
Great shots.

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This is natural beauty. Whom you are and the way you look. I think is more beautiful this way than Glamour. We can say this nature beauty

This is the most appropriate way to express beauty, is what I consider. Thank you very much for your comment 😊

Thank you beautiful lady

Interesting share and beautiful pictures!

Thank you so much for the appreciation 🙂

Great shot, nice one.

Thanks a lot!

Beautiful photos and a great explanation! I was familiar with boudoir photography, but you helped clarify some finer points of it for me, so thank you! I love photography of the natural, unmodified beauty of people! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

I agree with you and feel the same way. Nothing better than natural. I'm glad this post has helped to clarify your doubts. Thanks for stopping by 😊

Indeed, and absolutely! Thank you again! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

Stunning pictures I must say.

Thank you very much!

You are welcome. Enjoy your Sunday too.

Those photographs and the posture are amazing. Thank you for sharing same with us.

Hello, thank you very much for stopping by. I'm glad you liked the photos🙂

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Excellent shots dear @dimascastillo90 friend, neat register of lines and textures typical of the elements in the human body... It is also an excellent job of posing, a lot of professionalism is perceived both in the model and in you as a photographer...

When I see this kind of work, I feel that my love for street photography is a bit boring... desolate... even sad and bitter... But... To each his own!... 😂

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Thanks my friend. Street Photography is really awesome but... Boudoir photography too 😅

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always beautiful my friend @rop1

Nice work and wonderful shots!