First Day at the Beach in Mar del Plata [ENG/ESP]

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Greetings friends! Last week and last week of 2022 I was in the city of Mar del Plata for 4 days for work and my family and I decided to stay in the south, near what is known as the lighthouse and is relatively close to the port of this city. This part of the coast is much quieter than the center and the popular beaches that commonly all tourists visit, however by that time it was already quite crowded. The beach we visited is called "South Beach".

Here I took the first pictures of this trip during my stay, I portrayed some people inside the beach and also part of the surroundings of the beach, the people and this popular lighthouse that I mentioned before.

The light was very strong as I was on site at 1 pm and only a short time. Later I will be sharing with you much more about this series of photos on the beach in different styles in different areas. A mini vacation that gave me just over 100 quite interesting photos.

Have a great Wednesday, friends! Hugs to all of you and thanks for stopping by 😊


Saludos amigos! La semana pasada y última del 2022 estuve por 4 dias en la ciudad de Mar del Plata por cuestiones de trabajo y mi familia y yo decidimos alojarnos en el sur, cerca de lo que se conoce como el faro y está relativamente cerca del Puerto de esta ciudad. Ésta parte de la costa es mucho más tranquila que el centro y las playas populares que comúnmente todos los turistas visitan, sin embargo para la fecha ya estaba bastante concurrido. La playa que visitamos se llama "South Beach".

Acá tomé las primeras fotos de este viaje durante mi estadía, retraté algunas personas dentro de la playa y también parte de los alrededores de la playa, las personas y este popular faro que anteriormente mencioné.

La luz estaba muy fuerte ya que estuve en el lugar a la 1 de la tarde y solo poco tiempo. Más adelante estaré compartiendo con ustedes mucho más sobre ésta serie de fotos en la playa en diferentes estilos en distintas zonas. Unas mini vacaciones que me dieron poco más de 100 fotos bastante interesantes.

Tengan un excelente miércoles, amigos! Un abrazo para todos y gracias por pasar por acá 😊


All the photos and texts in this post are my authorship.
(Todas las fotos y textos presentes en éste post son de mi autoría.)



Camera: Nikon D3400 | Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED
Cámara: Nikon D3400 | Lente: AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED

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The lighthouse looks stunning my friend @dimascastillo90 😊
Great to see so many people enjoying the beach.
Mini vacations are always great 😎
Have a wonderful Wednesday 👋🏻☀️

Thanks dear for stopping by. Hope your have a wonderful day ❤️ Hugs for you

You are welcome @dimascastillo90 👋🏻😊 anytime…
Have a wonderful day too 🥰🤗 huggsss
We are on a big road trip now. Hope to catch up soon more 😉

I love it when you tell me you are on a trip 😍 I want you to have a great time and show me the beautiful places you visit 🥰❤️ nice day to you, my dear 😊

Hehehe posted a few updates about it. And I hope I can do part 2 tomorrow. We drove just over 5 hours today… it was epic 😁😎 will share more soon 😉 tomorrow we drive 3 hours further with a 3 night stay..l so have time to do more hive 🐝
Have an amazing weekend @dimascastillo90
Thank you so much! Much appreciated 🥰🤗

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